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Stacking Series Support for Essential Chart in 2010 Vol3

Essential Chart will support stacking a series with a group. In order to group a stacking series with another stacking series in the chart control, you can use a property called StackingGroup of the chart series with the desired group name.

The below code snippet demonstrates the usage of StackingGroup for a series in the chart control.


ChartSeries series1 = new ChartSeries("Series 1");
series1.Type = ChartSeriesType.StackingColumn;
// specifing group name .
series1.StackingGroup = "FirstGroup";
ChartSeries series2 = new ChartSeries("Series 2");
series2.Type = ChartSeriesType.StackingColumn;
// specifing group name .
series2.StackingGroup = "SecondGroup";
ChartSeries series3 = new ChartSeries("Series 3");
series3.Type = ChartSeriesType.StackingColumn;
// specifing group name .
series3.StackingGroup = "FirstGroup";



Column Chart with Stacking Group


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