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If there is one common thing in software development, it is the last minute rush before a looming delivery date.   The pressure is on to deliver required features/fixes.  Days get long, nerves get short, coffee becomes your friend (if it isn’t already).  Some things get overlooked,  timelines slip, until it is too late.  By some things, I mean documentation.

This has happened — once or twice —  to us.  Even our top-notch developers here at Syncfusion are not immune to documentation slippage. 

To combat this embarrassing predicament, we we have increased our formal documentation group and refined our processes. 

While that is well and good, things will still get missed.  This is where you come in.  We have provided a link (see image below) which will send an e-mail to our documentation group directly. 

This message contains a link to the page in question and allows you to add some comments describing your problem. Our documentation group will read the message and make any needed changes.

So, as you are leisurely taking a peek at our user guide, if you happen to notice any.. slippage… please let us know.  We will sure appreciate the help.



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