Preview: The Windows Phone DataGrid Control

The DataGrid is the heart of many applications due to its effective and usable presentation of data in tabular format. The DataGrid control was included in our latest volume release, which rolled out in September 2013.

Our Windows Phone Grid control was designed with a strong foundation, taking into account the unique requirements of the Windows Phone UI. Here we have highlighted the key features of a Windows Phone app using our DataGrid to represent data with ease.

Easily bind data from all common data sources

The DataGrid control binds the data source in any standard format.


Common selection modes

Our DataGrid control supports single and multiple selections to bind the records.


Sorting Support

Sorting the data is easier with a single touch in the header. Using TriState sorting, it is possible to reverse the changes after sorting has been applied.


Complete support for grouping, including support for custom grouping and summaries

The sorting and grouping functions categorize the data as several groups and can also summarize the groups.


Dynamic grouping by drag and drop

Your users are not limited to static groups. They can dynamically group data through touch actions by dragging data and dropping it into the grid. Our Windows phone DataGrid truly shows the power of touch.



Filter records as needed

Adjust the DataGrid to a view that satisfies your needs and constraints.


Styling support

Customizable styling support means the DataGrid will be displayed based on your exact specifications.


Zooming is Easier

Zooming can be easily done using touch. You can view magnified cells by zooming in and check the overall DataGrid by zooming out.

Magnified View:


Zoom Out View:


Load Data On Demand:

Incremental loading allows you to sequentially load a subset of data into the DataGrid for fast and fluid scrolling, which is especially useful when loading a huge set of data.



In this post, we have walked you through our new DataGrid control for Windows Phone and its key features. If you are a current customer, we invite you to check out the DataGrid control for Windows Phone. If you are not a current customer, you can always download our free evaluation copy to see it in action.


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