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PDF Succinctly—Syncfusion’s latest addition to its e-book library

The practicality of PDFs is unquestionable. From creating invoices, to providing reports with charts and graphics, PDFs are still one of the best ways to communicate across platforms while retaining nearly complete layout control. That’s why Syncfusion’s most recent installment in the Succinctly series is PDF Succinctly by Ryan Hodson—a guide to quickly understanding the atoms of the PDF structure.

Knowing the internals of the PDF language allows you to create documents dynamically from databases. Once you grasp these basic elements, you’ll have a high degree of control over element position, font selection, vector graphic creation, and tables in dynamically generated documents.

Within the 60 pages of PDF Succinctly, you’ll find well-illustrated information that’s easy to absorb. After a quick read, you’ll not only understand all the key elements of a PDF document—you’ll be able to build a PDF from the foundation up. You’ll also be more confident editing PDF elements directly, giving you decisive control over how information in a PDF is presented.

You’ll also be introduced to a high-level API for the PDF format: the iTextSharp library. This third-party library lets you interact with a PDF document on an object-oriented basis, as opposed to manipulating strings and saving them to a file.

The best part, as with all books in our Succinctly series, is that it’s absolutely free. Please download it from our Technology Portal in Kindle format or (you guessed it) as a PDF.


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Does iTextSharp support windows 8 metro apps ?

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