New Webinar Focuses on MVC for Native Apps

Globally, more tablets were sold last year than babies were born. Considering the weight with which mobile devices have influenced every aspect of life, it was only a matter of time before they came to press upon line-of-business applications.

Daniel Jebaraj’s latest webinar addresses one of the best cross-platform ways to develop mobile applications that are native to most devices. “ASP.NET MVC for Standards-Based, Native Mobile Apps” is a 54-minute in-depth look into why MVC is your best bet for mobile development.

This webinar covers:

· The challenges posed by the fragmentation of mobile devices.

· How Web development is the future of line-of-business applications.

· The concept of the hybrid application and why ASP.NET MVC is best suited for it.

· An end-to-end sample of an ASP.NET MVC hybrid application.


You can watch the full webinar here.



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Comments (2)

Hi There,

Excellent webinar and as Jebaraj said hybrid apps with ASP.NET MVC is the way go forward. I would like to see more content on this topic from syncfusion in the future.

On the other note, where can I download the code. I am very keen on JAVA eclipse code that you show in the webinar than the MVC as I consider myself as an MVC pro.

Please make the code available for download.


Hi Narendra –

We have posted the code in a white paper. Please feel free to download the white paper by visiting this link:

Hope you enjoy it!

Best regards,

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