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New RadialMenu control for Windows Form

The RadialMenu control, a menu that can be configured with familiar items for quick access, is being introduced in Windows Forms platform with the Essential Studio Volume 2, 2014 release.

What Is a Radial Menu?

A hierarchical menu in a circular layout typically used as a context menu, which can display more menu items in the same space.

                                                                Fig 1: Radial Menu


·         Configurable Menu Items

            Menu items can itself be used as a menu and can be used as Checkbox/Radiobutton.


                                  Fig 2: Radial Menu Items in Checked state.

·         Radial Menu Slider

This can be used to select a numerical value. Typically Font size can be customized by using this. There are two types of Styles available in Radial Menu Slider.

Slider Styles:

·         Default – Radial Menu Slider will be displayed in default slider UI by default.


                                        Fig 3: Radial Menu Slider with Default style

·         Frame – Radial Menu Slider will be displayed in advanced frame style.


                                         Fig 4: Radial Menu Slider with Frame style

·         Radial Font List Box

This can be used to select the Font. Generally fonts can be updated using this.


                                 Fig 5: Radial Font List Box

·         Radial Color Palette

            This can be used to choose a color. There are two levels of color collection available and it will also support custom colors.


                                       Fig 6: Radial Color Palette





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Comments (2)

I am looking for Multi Select ComboBox ,Plz make me reply if you having this type of control.

Hi Nishad,

Thank you for your interest in Syncfusion products. Please create an incident in our Direct-Trac support system to help us provide you full support to resolve your query. You can access our Direct-Trac support system by using the following link:

Please let us know if you have any concerns.


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