MultiColumnGrouping for PTG mode in GGC.Web

In Essential Studio 2010 Vol. 3, we will support MultiColumnGrouping in PassThroughGrouping mode in the ASP.NET GridGroupingControl.

The performance of GridGroupingControl can be increased by using PassThroughGrouping DataSourceControl. PassThroughGrouping is a great way to take control of data being retrieved from the data source. In default mode, the grid will retrieve all the records from the data source and perform processes like sorting, grouping, and paging. But while using PassThroughGrouping, LINQ will take charge of the entire data retrieval and process part of grid. LINQ will do paging, sorting, and grouping by querying the data source, which leads to higher performance.

PassThroughGrouping mode can be enabled by using the PassThroughGrouping DataSourceControl. This can be added to the ASPX page, as shown in the following code: [ASPX]

The GridGroupingControl’s definition could be as follows: [ASPX]

   1: --Grid Definition--


   1: --GridPager Definition--


The screen shots below depict the improved performance of the PassThroughGrouping data source control:


MultiColumn Grouping Performance



MultiColumn Sorting Performance


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