Microsoft Stitches New Fabric into Azure

It seems 2015 is a big year for Microsoft Azure. After expanding Azure HDInsight with Storm and improving app functionality with the Azure App Service, Microsoft is adding on to the powerful suite once more with Azure Service Fabric.

Service Fabric is a powerful addition that will allow developers to build highly scalable and customizable cloud services. Far from an unproven new offering, Service Fabric has been in production for five years and provides the base for the core Azure infrastructure and a vast array of services, including Skype for Business, InTune, Document DB, and more.

With this new member of the Azure family, developers will be able to create stateless and stateful microservices, provide orchestration and automation for microservices, build and deploy their Service Fabric applications quickly, and more. Early customers are already seeing great results, and a developer preview will be released at BUILD to provide more perspective on Service Fabric’s capabilities. In the meantime, developers who want to familiarize themselves with the general concepts and functionality underlying Microsoft Azure are encouraged to read Syncfusion’s Windows Azure Websites Succinctly by Kyle Burns.


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