Mapping with Shawty: A Guide to GIS

GIS Succinctly is the newest member of our Succinctly series of e-books. Written by Peter Shaw (@shawty_ds on Twitter), the book guides you from working with spatially enabled data to building your own .NET mapping application. The book starts with a conceptual overview of the pieces in a typical GIS—external data collections, graphical outputs, database geometries, transformational processes, and more—and guides you through managing each. Shaw then examines different types of databases compatible with GIS, and details how to interact with a database through spatially enabled SQL. The final chapter of the book provides instructions for tying together all of the pieces into a simple .NET application. One of the unique aspects of GIS technology is its strong presence in the open-source community; little to no overhead is required for you to start on your own GIS apps. So download GIS Succinctly today and start mapping your world.

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