Interview with MonoGame Succinctly Author Jim Perry

The following is a short interview with Succinctly series author Jim Perry, whose latest book, MonoGame Succinctly, was published recently. You can download the book here.

What should people know about MonoGame? Why is it important?

MonoGame is a multi-platform SDK that allows developers to write virtually the same code they used for making XNA games. It allows former XNA developers to update their games and port their games to other platforms, easing the development of games.

When did you first become interested in MonoGame?

When XNA started dying I looked at other tools for game development. As MonoGame continued to become more compatible with my old XNA code, it became a good solution for creating games with minimal effort.

By writing this e-book, did you learn anything new yourself?

I hadn’t kept up with the most recent capabilities of MonoGame as I’ve been using Unity for my game development. It was a pleasant surprise to see the platforms it’s grown to support and the functionality it gives game developers.

How will MonoGame change over the next few years?

If contributors keep updating the source it will be a good solution for game developers looking to use C# and/or old XNA code for creating games.

Do you see MonoGame as part of a larger trend in software development?

Open source software continues to be a good trend in software development. Game development is a huge business and there are plenty of opportunities for developers to enter the space.

What other books or resources on this topic do you recommend?

The main MonoGame site is probably the best resource to keep an eye on. MonoGame is still a fairly niche toolset for game development so there aren’t a lot of other resources.

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