Important Additions to ASP.NET Schedule Control

Syncfusion’s Schedule control for ASP.NET renders on the client side, efficiently saving time. It has several features—such as localization, custom views, database support, multiple resource support, resource grouping support, and much more. With the release of Essential Studio 2014, Volume 4, we added even more features to improve usability.

Important Features from Vol. 4

Horizontal orientation

Mobile devices require vertical and horizontal orientations. By offering both, our ASP.NET Schedule control now provides a lot of versatility.


Horizontal Orientation of Schedule Control

Exporting and Importing Options

Before Volume 4, our ASP.NET Schedule control couldn’t import or export appointments. Volume 4 introduced these functions, allowing appointments to be exported in ICF format.


Export Option in Schedule Control


Volume 4 also introduced an option for printing appointments.


Printing Feature in Schedule Control

Categorize Feature

Users can categorize appointments based on priority or other parameters. For example, you can set high-priority appointments to display in red and low-priority appointments to display in green.


Categorizing Appointments

Finding Appointments

You can locate important appointments by using two methods: (1) by searching for specific appointment data, or (2) by filtering appointments with a condition. While searching, you have to give a search string or condition that is case sensitive. In filtering, you need to build a condition.


Appointment Search in the Schedule Control

Custom Cell Width and Height

Previous to Volume 4, cell dimensions were fixed. Now we’ve provided a way to change the dimensions of a cell to a custom size.


Adjusting Cell Width and Height

And the greatest aspect of the new Schedule control for ASP.NET is simply that it allows all daily appointments to be managed in a single module.


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