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Getting the Most out of Your Vacation

Many of us in the U.S. just enjoyed a long weekend of fun and relaxation. Whether that entailed a cookout, a trip to the beach, or just finally beating that video game you put down two months ago, it was a well-earned, if short-lived, break. But before rushing back to work, here are some productive ways to keep having fun after the long weekend is over.


Unfortunately, you probably can’t bring this with you to the office. (Source: File:Meat fillets being grilled.jpg –


One way is to take advantage of some of the new development tools available. Earlier this month, for instance, Amazon announced a new cloud service for simplifying Machine Learning development. As data tracking and analyzing grows more complex, automated systems to process that information quickly and efficiently are becoming more vital than ever before. Once such systems are in place, developers can focus more on the big picture and worry less about the overwhelming complexity at the heart of data management.

Another way to carry the vacation with you back to the office is to take time to reflect on your passion for development. In an interview with SDTimes, JavaScript creator James Gosling reflected on the effort that went into creating the hugely influential programming language. Even after 20 years, it’s clear that he applied not only his expertise, but his love of the field, to make a product that has lasted decades and still has a bright future.


Will you create something this influential one day?


Did your long weekend recharge you for a fresh return to work? If you aren’t too busy putting away the grill or working on your tan, take a moment to let us know in the comments below.


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