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Free Webinar : Lock-Free Thread Synchronization

Guest blog post by Jeffrey Richter, of Wintellect

When building client-side applications, users expect the applications to be responsive and to deliver information quickly in order to increase user satisfaction, especially in this competitive environment. And, when building websites and services, clients expect immediate response. In order to accommodate these clients, companies have been purchasing new hardware and employing IT personnel to maintain this hardware. However, many companies can cut costs significantly by architecting software to better leverage their existing hardware and, in fact, reduce the number of machines they currently have in use.

In this one-hour webinar, I will walk you through the thread synchronization mind-set and when it is required, and then talk about the volatile and interlocked APIs for doing lock-free thread synchronization. With these APIs, an application can improve its performance, lower its resource consumption, and avoid deadlock scenarios.

Join me on Wednesday, August 15th from 1 p.m.–2:30 p.m. ET to learn all about lock-free thread synchronization.

Wintellect and Syncfusion have teamed up to present this webinar and to provide you with additional learning resources. Register to attend the webinar and enjoy these partner offers:

1) You’ll be entered to win a Wintellect virtual training course (a $499 value). The winner will be announced during the webinar. You must be present to win.

2) You’ll gain access to Syncfusion’s Technology Resource Portal. This portal is your gateway to free e-books and white papers from Syncfusion. The Succinctly e-book series covers a range of topics that all developers will find useful, whether you’re working on .NET platforms, web development, or even pet projects. Our white papers cover topics of current interest for software architects, developers, and managers.


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