Multiple File upload in ASP.NET MVC

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Uploading several files is nice and clean with the help of the FileCollectionModelBinder available in the ASP.NET MVC futures assembly. Please follow the procedure below to create a sample.

  • Add a form to your view with the settings below (you can use the ASP.NET MVC form helpers too to arrive at the same result).
<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="/home/uploadfiles">


<input type="file" name="fileName" id="fileName" accept="file/zip" />

<input type="file" name="fileName" id="file3" accept="file/zip" />
<%=Html.ValidationMessage("fileName") %>



<input type="submit" value="Upload file"/>


  • Add a reference to the ASP.NET MVC futures assembly. This is available from the ASP.NET MVC project on CodePlex – direct link.
  • In your global.asax file, add a call to FileCollectionModelBinder.RegisterBinder( as shown below
protected void Application_Start()




  • Your controller code can then accept a parameter of type HttpPostedFileBase[] as shown below. Please note that the name of the argument to this method should match the ID and Name of the client-side file upload form element.

public ActionResult UploadImage(HttpPostedFileBase[] files)

// process files here

A complete sample is available for download.

In order to upload one file at a time, you do not need the futures assembly. The built-in HttpPostedFileBaseModelBinder can handle this.