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File Explorer in JavaScript

The File Explorer control for JavaScript provides a Windows Explorer-like interface within a web application, allowing end-users to browse, upload, and download files. Folder structure can be changed by renaming, moving, or deleting folders and files, and the control’s layout and folder management can be customized.

Features of File Explorer

Layout Types

The File Explorer control supports two types of layouts to view files: thumbnail view and grid view.


File Explorer in Detailed Grid View


File Explorer in Thumbnail View

Image Preview

You can preview an image by double clicking it, which opens the image in a dialog window. The previewed image can then be zoomed by resizing the dialog box.


File Explorer with Image Preview

Custom Layout

The layout of the File Explorer panel can be customized.


File Explorer with Customized Layout

Sorting Support

In the details view or the grid view, files can be sorted by desired fields.


File Explorer in Detailed Grid View with Sorting Support

Custom Tool Support

In the File Explorer toolbar, you can create custom tools with customized actions. For example, here the Help tool has been created as a custom tool in the toolbar.


File Explorer with Custom Tool option

For more information:

HTML5/ JavaScript:!/azure/fileexplorer/DefaultFunctionalities


Online documentation of File Explorer:

Content Editor: Usha Clementine Henry | Content Contributor: Balaji Murugesan


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