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Essential XlsIO : Volume 3 Sneak Preview – [Part 1]

Earlier this year, with our 2010 Volume 2 release, we first announced support for the creation and manipulation of Excel 2010 files using Essential XlsIO, which will work with all our supported platforms, including Silverlight.

As a part of our major upcoming release, we are going to introduce two new Excel 2010-specific features:

  1. Spark lines.
  2. Excel 2010 formula support. 


Spark Lines

According to Wikipedia, “A spark line is a type of information graphic that is characterized by its small size and data density. Spark lines present trends and variations associated with some measurement, such as average temperature or stock market activity, in a simple and condensed way.”



Excel File Output Generated by Essential XlsIO


Excel 2010 Formula Support

This is one of Microsoft Excel’s most popular features. Formulas help us in dynamically calculating values that are dependent on other values present in a worksheet. Over past releases, we have been constantly updating this feature, and Essential XlsIO currently supports around 520 formulas.


Simple Addition Formula


The Volume 3 release will support all formulas found in both Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010.




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