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Tools Windows Vol 3 Preview – Editors Controls

Customizable Height for ComboBoxAdv

ComboBoxAdv is an advanced combo box control that provides an object model similar to the framework of the ComboBox control, with many additional features. ComboBoxAdv is inherited from ComboBoxBaseDataBound, which is derived from the ComboBoxBase control.

Based on our ComboBoxBase control, ComboBoxAdv pre-binds a list box in its drop-down area and includes some additional APIs to provide a framework combo box-like object model and data-binding support. Written from scratch, this control exposes the text box and the list box controls used internally to let you customize the different parts of the control.

The ComboBoxAdv control has a drop-down text box that is the edit portion of the control. This section will discuss these components in detail in the below topics.

In 2010 Vol. 3, ComboBoxAdv will come with support to customize the height, making more space to display large image and text items.



API Added:


TextBoxHeight (property)




The default behavior to be observed: The text size will be based on the font and not on the item height. Only the image size in the text box will be based on the control size.


Example use case:


ComboBoxAdv comboBoxAdv1 = new ComboBoxAdv();
comboBoxAdv1.TextBoxHeight = 50;


Dim comboBoxAdv1 As New ComboBoxAdv()
comboBoxAdv1.TextBoxHeight = 50



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