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2010 Vol 3 – Container Controls WinForms

Customizable Splitter Back Color

SplitContainerAdv is a container that consists of two panels with a splitter between them. It allows the user to simply put other controls on these panels and drag the splitter vertically or horizontally to resize. The user can add more SplitContainerAdv controls into any one of the panels in another SplitContainerAdv control and can change the orientation to have a customized look.

In 2010 Vol. 3, TabSplitterContainer will support customizing the background color of the splitter.




Splitter with Custom Color


API Added:

SplitterBackColor (property)

Example Use Case:


TabSplitterContainer tabSplitter = new TabSplitterContainer();
tabSplitter.SplitterBackColor = Color.Pink;


Dim tabSplitter As New TabSplitterContainer()
tabSplitter.SplitterBackColor = Color.Pink


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