Cost Saving with Xamarin, Visual Studio, and Syncfusion

Cross-platform development is crucial for enterprise software success, but developers have to be realistic in their approach. Tools like Xamarin make cross-platform development easier, but ease of production is of little use if the cost of entry is too high.

Xamarin is a powerful, affordable tool.

Fortunately, Xamarin makes cross-platform development a realistic prospect for companies of all sizes. Xamarin apps must be built using Visual Studio, but all Visual Studio users receive Xamarin at no additional cost, making it available to the entire Visual Studio community for free. Windows developers can access it through any edition of Visual Studio, including the Community Edition, while Mac developers gain access through the Professional and Enterprise subscription plans.

Visual Studio users can access Xamarin for no additional cost. 

For those looking to go beyond the functionality included with Visual Studio, there is an affordable way to expand their development options. Syncfusion’s Essential Studio for Xamarin offers over 90 controls for Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android in a single package. Using these controls, Xamarin development is easier than ever. With Syncfusion’s flat-fee license, developers can access the full Xamarin suite of controls—as well as every other suite in Syncfusion’s library—for one low, annual fee. This includes not only every Xamarin control, but all future updates as well as full support. Qualifying developers can even access Syncfusion’s entire library through the Syncfusion Community License, a special offer available to individual developers and small companies.

Essential Studio for Xamarin is an unparalleled suite of components exclusively from Syncfusion.

For developers who want to leverage the power of cross-platform development, Xamarin offers a versatile set of tools to do so. With Visual Studio and Syncfusion, it has never been more affordable to get started.


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