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Companies Support the Developer Community

Syncfusion prides itself on being an active member of the development community, and so we are always excited to see other companies contribute as well. This week, Twitter announced that it is open-sourcing Heron, its powerful real-time analytics solution. Written in standard Java, C++, and Python languages, Heron strives to be both effective and accessible, dramatically reducing the complexity and time required to debug, profile, and process large quantities of data. Tailored for ease of use, Heron can seamlessly operate alongside other services in a shared cluster, and is so easy to support that it has resulted in far fewer support incidences than similar solutions. Twitter is already partnering with other companies to integrate Heron into the developer community, and is taking steps to making Heron an accessible, powerful tool for big data developers.

Among Twitter’s early partners is one of Syncfusion’s own partners, Microsoft, which is itself currently contributing to the developer community. Microsoft has partnered with Facebook to construct “MAREA,” a 4,000 mile (6,600 km) cable stretching across the Atlantic from Virginia Beach in the United States to Bilbao, Spain. Separate from other transatlantic cables, MAREA is intended to provide faster and more reliable service to users in the U.S. and Europe, and to serve as the foundation for future expansion into and support for network hubs in the Middle East and Africa. MAREA will have an initial 160 terabytes-per-second capacity, making it a state-of-the-art system that will provide a great deal of power for developers, particularly those reliant on cloud-based systems. Construction on MAREA will begin in August and is projected to be completed in October 2017.

Syncfusion is proud to be part of a community where companies are invested in tools and infrastructure that benefit everyone. We do our part through our on-going Succinctly series of free e-books and our support of developer organizations such as Girl Develop It. How do you or your company support the developer community? Let us know in the comments below or by contacting us on Facebook or Twitter.


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