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2012 Volume 3 Road Map

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released the road map for Essential Studio 2012 Volume 3. In it you will find the features we’re currently working on for our user interface, reporting, and business intelligence suites of .NET components and controls.

The planned features for Essential Studio User Interface Edition add more functionality to our already expansive sets of enterprise-class controls. Whether you’re looking to synchronize your MVC diagrams with a server, further enhance your WPF charts, or make your Windows Forms grids more powerful than ever, you’re sure to find something useful for your upcoming projects.

As for our reporting controls, we’re excited to be implementing optical character recognition support—via the popular, open-source Tesseract engine—to Essential PDF, our Adobe-free solution to creating PDFs. Some other features we’re working on include support for custom XML parts, chart borders, and improved pivot tables in Essential XlsIO; additional data sources and editing options in Essential Report Designer; and more filters and color profiles in Essential PDF Viewer.

For Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition, we’re implementing support for MDX query binding with drill operations for all our business intelligence controls, as well as localization support for all our Silverlight BI controls. For ASP.NET developers using Essential BI Client, you can expect more UI-level editing options for hierarchies and calculated members.

We work hard to publish a road map for each volume of Essential Studio—that’s four every year. Our road map lets developers like you know what you can expect to incorporate into your upcoming projects. If there’s a feature you want, but it isn’t in the road map, you can always request a feature through Direct-Trac, your portal to the very developers who code Syncfusion’s components and controls.


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