Essential Chart Silverlight DataBinding

Essential Chart Silverlight supports binding any IEnumerable source. This blog shows a sample HiLo chart bound to stocks. We have a Stock model object which contains Current Date-Time and the Highest, Lowest, Open and Close Price of each day. The Stock updates class can contain a collection of Stoc... [More]

PLINQ in WPF GridDataControl

The Syncfusion WPF GridDataControl uses a LINQ-based engine for strongly typed object collections. It uses plain LINQ expression trees to formulate any query execution internally. PLINQ provides a parallel implementation of the LINQ pattern for executing operations in separate batch threads (for mor... [More]

LINQ Data Table Extensions

Legacy applications, which are to be migrated to a new platform (WPF, Silverlight, etc.) require leveraging the underlying business layers too. We have an IQueryable interface implemented for DataTable in System.Data.DataSetExtensions. There are a couple of extension providers present in the .NET Fr... [More]

Dynamic LINQ Expressions - I

Generating dynamic LINQ expressions needs a bit of understanding on the IQueryable interface. Check out Matt Warren's series of posts on implementing the IQueryable interface –> LINQ Links. The strong drive for this post is that everything is strongly typed; of course we have the Dynamic LINQ lib... [More]