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Syncfusion Feedback

Customer Quotes

James W,

Startup Owner, Australia

You have given me the confidence of a terrific tool set, a great outcome, and a faster development cycle. You have made it more likely that my company will succeed.

Fabio Fagundes,

Agência Estado

I utilized the basic functionalities of Syncfusion controls to strengthen a desktop application for Agência Estado. The application helps customers buy and sell stocks, provides graph analysis, and also offers other tools to the financial market. The design and usability of the application became much better after configuring the Syncfusion components.

Alex Siler,

Software Development Manager, MVD Technologies

Syncfusion has excellent products and support. They allowed us to implement a Business Process Model and Notation editor with ASP.NET in just two weeks. The support team is always ready to help, and all our questions were answered within 24 hours.

Werner Sauer,


Maxigig creates software to provide management information in the granite fabrication environment. Thanks to Syncfusion, we have saved around 300 hours of development time, enabling us to spend more time focusing on our company’s core competencies by relegating common functionality to the Syncfusion libraries. We can achieve a higher level of professionalism in the products we offer.

Michael Obernberger

Thanks to Syncfusion's Essential Studio for WPF and the RichtextBoxAdv Control, I was able to create a lightweight list of word like documents for one of my customers. Syncfusion helped me save over 8 hours of development.

Sentil Ramanathan

I work as a developer in the finance industry, and I needed to build a desktop application that provides real-time and historical views of various financial markets across time in both tabular and graphical forms. Syncfusion’s Essential XIsIO allowed me to parse Excel sheets for data analysis, rapidly render chart controls, and saved me a significant amount of coding time by providing extensive customization features within simple templates. The support team was quick to respond and, more often than not, my queries were solved by the first reply. They provided me with sample projects demonstrating complete, easily attachable solutions, such as a cross hair tool tip that needed to be built specifically for the application.

Syncfusion Customer

We chose Syncfusion over other options because it seemed the focus was on building substantial apps rather than just those focused on visual appeal. Recommendations on social media also guided us towards Syncfusion’s controls.

Anton Kolesnik,


Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC web controls with query support help us build great UI for our customers. Our clients especially like Range Navigator web control – a demo of it alone made sales for us.

Isidro Goncalves,

HAL Software

I am a software engineer working in the industrial automation industry. We tested many other component vendors before choosing Syncfusion. Syncfusion provided the best product that was the easiest to work with. With Essential DocIO and Essential XlsIO, we were able to create Word documents and spreadsheets faster than ever. Our product provides 20 different reports, including design specifications, test specifications, and batch reports.

Syncfusion's support team is always exceptional. They were always willing to provide a patch for a bug or answer my questions in a timely fashion.

William Sade,


Syncfusion makes developing easier, simpler, and rewarding.

Martin Ross,

More Input Ltd

As an independent developer, I am delighted by both the wide range of free controls within the Community License and the variety of platforms they are available for. I have primarily used the MVC Grid control, which I find very impressive in terms of functionality, and have received excellent assistance from the technical support team whenever any issues arise.

Marco Del Frate,

Tecnel SRL

I work for an electrical instruments plant, and noticed several years ago that everyone within our company archives documents and information in different ways. To help store our information more efficiently, I began to develop a desktop job management tool. Recently, one of our main customers requested that we add a Gantt chart to help them follow various job tasks, so I purchased the WPF Gantt control from Syncfusion. I have saved many hours with this purchase and look forward to storing our information more efficiently from now on.

Imgen Tata

I want my end-users to not only be efficient and productive, but delighted with a smooth UX. With Syncfusion controls I can become a UI expert in no time, literally.

Syncfusion Customer

"As a lead developer for a software company, it is essential that I have the best tools and controls. My company was developing a web-based application to enhance business performance. We wanted our end users to have access to visually-appealing dashboards that would allow them to see their business data quickly and easily. Syncfusion controls enabled us to achieve the application we envisioned. The MVC chart, OLAP client, and OLAP chart were essential to our application, and the support team helped us get the application up and running. The support team alone is worth the cost of the controls. We look forward to utilizing Syncfusion controls in our future applications."

Syncfusion Customer

"We needed to add powerful, visual tools to our learning portal and chose Syncfusion's Enterprise Edition Essential Studio. We also contracted with the professional services team to help us build a new learning portal architecture. The online knowledge base is full of great information, and their support team has been very responsive and on-point. The professional services team is knowledgeable, extremely professional, and proving that they can deliver. We look forward to a long, successful relationship with Syncfusion."

Allyson Mendieta,


"We use Syncfusion components for ASP.NET web applications and CLR procedures. We have used XlsIO extensively to import data from Excel sheets into SQL server databases, as well as many of [Syncfusion's] .NET components. In XLSIO, we imported complex workbooks with multiple pages and computations; it has worked very well for us.

In addition, the support I've received has been reliable and very helpful—responding within 24 hours and creating patches to upgrade their components. Truly, it's remarkable.

Another recent example is the multi-select check box drop-down—the presentation is very crisp. I had used a jQuery widget for comparison, but our client liked the Syncfusion component more. Also, we used the date picker, which allows for culture-sensitive entry of date formats. For an international organization, that was important.

We are very happy with Syncfusion, and we are finding more and more use for them."

Syncfusion Customer

"I am working on a project that requires rewriting all the code for the existing report generation module. Previously we used XSLT, SSRS, and Excel Automation to create and refine the Excel file. The process is error-prone, and our customers run into many issues during runtime. Now we use Syncfusion XlsIO library and SSRS RDLC template, which create all the necessary reports plus many fine-tuning features requested by the customers. The XlsIO library covers most Excel features you may want. Compared to Excel Automation, XIsIO works like a charm to manipulate spreadsheets. The runtime performance and stability is much better than our previous method. Besides, XlsIO doesn't need an Excel installation to allow us to develop a report generator on the server side for automatically scheduled report generation, which make our customers even happier. Thanks, Syncfusion!"

Jose Diaz,

Ministerio de Hacienda y Credito Publico

My efforts have focused on reporting to Excel documents, so I have used the Syncfusion XlsIO library, and I love it. It provides a thorough programming model that allows me to create data rich, good looking reports delivered directly to Excel documents in a fast and easy way completely managed in .Net code. This is very important to keep server stability. XlsIO includes support for practically all Excel versions available today. I am really surprised about its power, ease of use, and performance. Congratulations to your team.

Syncfusion Customer,

Microsoft MVP

As a creator of online tutorials for Microsoft technologies (focusing on Visual Basic as the programming language), I develop mobile and web applications for developers interested in expanding their technical knowledge. Syncfusion controls helped to provide my end-users with a rich user experience. For my website, I wanted a look and feel like a Windows Store application. Syncfusion’s ‘Tiles’ are really useful for that purpose.

Syncfusion customer,

for 3 years

We needed charting capabilities, and Syncfusion has the best chart component I’ve seen in my use of third-party component libraries. The charts are the best of the controls we have used so far. Their zooming capability has been a critical requirement for the kind of data we have been dealing with.

Jim Cox,

Just Imaginary Minds Systems, Inc.

The applications I have built using Syncfusion’s Windows Forms and ASP.NET controls have made my web, mobile, and desktop applications easier to use for the end-users. With the help of Syncfusion’s controls, my applications can be used for document management, POS or inventory control, data consolidation and presentation, EDI, product information or dealer catalogs, and reporting.

Syncfusion customer,

since 2009

When creating my application, I needed to support certain languages when creating business related PDF files. However, it was discovered that certain characters did not work with other third party solutions. Syncfusion’s Essential PDF had the Unicode language support I needed. The real code provided really helped during initial development, and updated DLLs were provided for specific workarounds—you can’t get that kind of support anywhere else.

Syncfusion customer,

since 2008

My customers are primarily teachers, and they all comment that my applications are full of features but still easy to use. By using Syncfusion’s third-party controls, I was able to create a nice, uniform UI without compromising functionality.

Paul Van Bladel,

LightSwitch Trainer

I work for a large financial institution and coach many LightSwitch developers. As a primer, we ask new devs to read Jan Van der Haegen's LightSwitch Succinctly e-book.

Giancarlo Lelli,

Software developer

Syncfusion's tools provide features right out of the box, such as charts, layout controls, maps, and reporting. If these controls were designed and implemented manually, the development process would be slowed exponentially!

Jason Alls,

Lucid Research Limited

I have been investigating a number of component suites for a series of Silverlight products the company I work for will be developing. By far the best one in terms of customer support and business intelligence is Syncfusion. Syncfusion has a good range of controls, very good theming, and some of the best technical support I have encountered. If you are serious about buying a control suite, I encourage you to seriously consider and evaluate Syncfusion’s offerings for your projects. I am very happy with the customer support from our account manager, and from the various support staff. No matter what issues we encounter they react fast, and provide you with exactly what you need.

Umair Ahmed

Technical Lead at Vercom

I am really thankful to Syncfusion for providing a wonderful set of controls for WPF. It really made my life easy with exceptionally good controls and excellent support. This is how I was able to deliver things on time and could focus on core business logic rather than control development.

Oswaldo Diaz

Product manager, Hipermetrics.com

Excellent toolset and a great support team. I’ve been using Syncfusion’s products for a couple of years, and they save me a lot of time on ASP/MVC development. I’ve found that with every new development, all the components I need are already in my subscription bundle. I really enjoy the product updates with new functionality, including the beta add-ons.

Munteanu Gabriel

Soft Data

Working with your products, especially Windows Forms controls, is an important productivity gain for me. Your controls cover almost all our needs.

Joe Arleo

Global Trading Analytics, LLC

When researching for a solution to create Microsoft Word files on-the-fly from within our web application, we decided to go with Syncfusion’s DocIO product because of its feature-rich object model, numerous working samples, and competitive pricing. Based on our success using DocIO, we recently started using their XlsIO product to create Microsoft Excel files. Once again, we were impressed with the product’s functionality and performance.

But, just as important as a product working as advertised is a company’s support and customer service. In this regard, Syncfusion also earns high marks. Whenever I had a question or problem, Syncfusion always responded quickly with detailed explanations and illustrative samples. In addition, they would always follow up to make sure everything had been resolved. But perhaps what impressed me the most was when Syncfusion quickly added a recent Microsoft Excel feature that I needed to meet a project deadline to their current XlsIO product. Not only is Syncfusion focused on building quality products, they also work hard to ensure their client’s success using those products within applications.

Eugene Goldberg


I've been using Syncfusion Essential Studio products for a few years now, specifically DocIO and XlsIO. I find the products to be useful and well-integrated with the .NET framework.

But more than anything else, I really enjoy the responsiveness and the quality of the Syncfusion support team. I could say that, by far, I had the best support experience with the Syncfusion support folks. They respond quickly, they always provide working samples that illustrate the solution to a given problem, and they always follow up to see if my issue has been resolved.

It is no secret that there are many companies providing solutions for the same technologies. But all things being equal, I would definitely recommend Syncfusion—just for their support model.

Al Beale

BAC ra ltd.

Syncfusion provides an excellent range of flexible controls that I've been able to use and producing complex PDFs has been made possible because of this. The support is excellent and I particularly like the examples so that the functionality can be seen.

Fernando Linhares

Arpoador Consultoria

We at Arpoador Consultoria, a management consulting company that delivers IT solutions to our customers on a needs basis, needed to find a competitive ready package to use together with our Microsoft BizSpark Visual Studio Solutions. This was crucial for our success. Syncfusion has helped us establish our innovative managerial solutions pipeline through their hands on package and helpful support line. Keep up the good job!

Raul Rosenthal


When it comes to editing text with syntax highlighting or displaying data with a heavily customized grid, the only way to go is Syncfusion.

Andrei Sergueev

Unity Managing Underwriters Limited

Silverlight Grid control in particular, works very well and does everything we need. When we requested it, your customer technical support was also excellent.

Tsvi Butnaru

Cellcom Isreal Ltd.

I've been using Syncfusion Essential Studio since 2010 and have found it as an excellent suite for developing Windows and Web applications. It includes a rich and high-performance set of User Interface components for both Windows and Web development. It also includes other strong capabilities, such as: easily generate richly-formatted Adobe PDF files. In addition, Syncfusion provides excellent customer support.

Ferenc Molnár

Autolog, Inc.

I have been using the Syncfusion WPF products since their first release. The way the components are architectured has allowed us a lot of flexibility and customization, enabling us to push further the limits of what would normally be possible with more conventional components. However, the Syncfusion customer support stands above all others for their rapid response time and willingness to resolve issues in a way that satisfies the customer. No issue is too big or small. It has been a decisive factor for our company when choosing such a provider.

Furio Curti

OPSI srl

Syncfusion has proven to be a fair partner and their products keep up with the pace of new technology. In addition, their service is quick and easy. What more could you ask for from a component vendor?

Andrew Borden

Analytix, Inc.

Excellent support! I don't see how any other product or company could ever be better. Syncfusion products and especially support personnel are first rate.

N. Murali Krishna

Invensys Development Center India Pvt. Ltd

I've been using Syncfusion Essential Studio since 2008. The product and the way that Syncfusion provides support solutions are extremely appreciated. We extensively use products like Essential Grid, Essential Grid Grouping Control, Essential Grid Data Bound Grid, and PDF Export. Syncfusion reduces our development time by at least 50%.

My journey towards Syncfusion started like this: when my project manager came to me and said that we are going to design an Editor, he asked me to review various grids on the market that would support all of our functional requirements. I downloaded Syncfusion’s evaluation version and verified that it had all of the necessary capabilities to meet our requirements perfectly. I’ll never forget the support that we were given by Chris Vester during the evaluation period to make our product successful.

Thank you very much Syncfusion for making our life simple and smart.

Derek Geldart

Apex Industries Inc.

I have been using Syncfusion for the last two years. The Essential Grid is one of the most efficient and user friendly methods of displaying data that I have ever seen. The development tools that Syncfusion provides has not only met but exceeded my expectations. The technical support (getting the answer within a business day) makes learning how to use the impressive library of Syncfusion’s programming tools relatively painless.

Loïc Joly


When we started our new product line a year ago (Reportive Analyzer: an interactive reporting program, with grids, charts and advanced filtering/drill features, all of which can be configured by the end user), we decided to go for WPF. But we needed many advanced components and after a survey, we chose to go for Syncfusion. Thanks to this toolbox, we were able to deliver our product on time. We mostly use Chart, Tools and Grid for WPF. Syncfusion's online support is of really good quality, and several improvements we suggested and fixes for bugs we reported were integrated into the product really quickly (we usually get a custom-built version that allows us to get back on track before the next official version is released!).

Georg Kukula

G&W Software Entwicklung GmbH

I have been using Syncfusion products for the last three years and have been very pleased. I have been especially happy with Essential Grid because it is very fast and is our most frequently used component from Essential Studio. The ribbon menus allow us to create an Office-like look and feel for all of our applications. I would highly recommend using Essential Studio and have found that the Syncfusion support team is one of the fastest I have worked with.

Philippe Chessa

Eole & Co.

We have been using Syncfusion Essential Studio for a year in our Web development, especially the Silverlight Grid components. Although we encountered some minor glitches during the implementation process, the support team has always been extremely reactive and solved all my problems quickly. The components are highly configurable and the performance is excellent.

Jeff Dressing

CorSoft, LLC.

I have been using Syncfusion for a little over a year now and it has done everything I need it to do. The PDF manipulation allows us to create amazing reports on the fly. The DataboundGrid offers very robust grid functionality with on the fly filtering, ability to move multiple columns, fast data manipulation and a nice Office 2007 look and feel. The ribbon menus allow me to create an application that has an Office 2007 look and feel over the entire application. Using Syncfusion allows me to create a professional modern business application. Direct- Trac support answers are always next day and they almost always have an answer when I am trying to figure out functionality. Syncfusion developers have fixed various library components quickly any time I discovered something that did not work properly. This tells me that they care about their customers and want to provide a world-class RAD toolset. I highly recommend using Syncfusion to build world-class applications!

Jimmy Ji, Analyst

Goldman Sachs

I think Syncfusion overall is an awesome package. I was using the Essential Grid for WPF for its good extensibility and rich features. Although there are still flaws and bugs in the product, the support team is responsive and helpful in explaining problems and providing fix patches in proper time.

Matthew Vickers

The New South Wales Bar Association

I have found Syncfusion controls to be excellent – they do everything that I need in my day-to-day development and more. The technical support team is very responsive and their advice is spot-on accurate.

Mark Mathews

Lucid Information Technologies

Syncfusion has the best software components and customer service on the market - Bar None. Their products are very well documented and their engineers are extremely timely and accurate with their responses. In our opinion, Syncfusion's components offer an incredibly well designed object model that 'makes sense' to developers, which results in faster time to market. These components are definitely at the top of the league.

Rajanikant Khethawatt


After a very rigorous side-by-side test of several .NET component vendors' offerings, we chose Syncfusion Essential Grid for the project because it's extensible, offers a rich set of features, and it's the fastest solution in the market.

Koray Yildiz


We have been using Essential Chart WPF for almost a year now. We have been impressed with the flexibility and the ease-of-use of the component, and Syncfusion has been extremely helpful both during and after the evaluation process. I would think Syncfusion's Essential Studio components will play a more integral role in our applications in the future, given our positive experience with the Charting control so far, and the rich set of components the suite offers.

Jurgen Thys


Adding corresponding tire images on each page is a nightmare in Crystal Reports, but easy with the [Syncfusion] PDF creator.

Ken Blackstein

Collaborative Internet Computing

We usually ignore the page with customer quotes on a site and rely on the content of its forums in order to judge a company's responsiveness and product quality. The forum content was so impressive that we proceeded to purchase. We were under significant development time constraints, so in order to get ahead of the learning curve, we called our "Account Manager" (yes, you get assigned an account manager - and they take it seriously!) and offered to pay for a short getting started web training session. Our Account Manager responded that Syncfusion really wants to support their customers, so a short getting started session was a reasonable request that they could offer at no charge. I asked her if she was kidding! Well, she wasn't - it was arranged for quickly. The session was excellent and directly addressed our needs. High quality service and a high quality product is rare indeed - congratulations. Your only problem will be that no one will be believe that the Customer Quote page content is actually true :)

James Squire

Virginia Military Institute

You guys are amazing. I wish I had worked with you a long time ago.

Eric Fontana

Shrewsbury Little League

Thanks to SyncFusion our kids have their statistics updated immediately and can track their progress.

Jan Stiffa

J. Sterling Photography

I would like to commend Syncfusion on the caliber of both its products and support. I have been using the Grid, Chart, and Diagram components extensively and have found them to be ''head and shoulders'' above any others that I have tried. Additionally, the support that I have received has also been ''top notch''. More than once, the Syncfusion support team's rapid responses have enabled me to meet critical deadlines. I would heartily recommend your products to anyone involved in developing software for the .NET environment.

Van Baker


Your company has the finest product of its kind available (in my opinion) and your service and technical support has been exemplary. Clay Burch alone has solved many challenges for me, and I doubt any of your competitors could come close to matching your developer resources like him or your Essential Studio product.

Ankur Pande

Panda Consultancy Services.

Excellent support and follow-up from Syncfusion. On hindsight, I wish I'd contacted them first. I could have saved at least a week's worth of effort.

Ankur Pande

Panda Consultancy Services.

While creating a Proof of Concept based on QTP for Global Test Managers, QTP did not recognize any of the Syncfusion objects because they were not native .NET objects. Mercury/HP does not support third-party .NET object recognition by QTP. I contacted Syncfusion and was sent a custom release of Essential TestStudio. After installation, QTP worked like a charm, recognizing all of the Syncfusion objects.

Geoffrey Slachta

StarGate Technologies, LLC.

I have been using Syncfusion products for at least two years now, and I'm very pleased with sales and support of your product. Your support team is one of the finest I've dealt with. The incident turnaround time has been excellent and professional. I would recommend your product to anyone.

Richard Seibel

Core Technology Solutions

My initial interactions with Syncfusion several years ago were extremely positive. I had a short period of time when there were some problems (Syncfusion growing pains, I think). Since then I have had nothing but extremely positive results.

Richard Seibel

Core Technology Solutions

Direct-Trac is the model for how support should be done. It simply works and is seamless. Kudos to whoever is in charge of that and his/her development team.

Richard Seibel

Core Technology Solutions

I don't understand how Syncfusion does not have 100% of the market. Admittedly your prices are higher, but the tech support cannot be equaled by your competitors who are charging less.

Giovanni Palmiotto


Thank you once again for all your help and quick responses to my questions; they proved to be the deal makers. Your personal touch and the support responses from those involved (and not involved) also convinced me. Your level of support and dedication to customer satisfaction is truly exceptional.

Phil Taylor

Written Works, Ltd.

Building a feature-rich, high quality product to a tight deadline is a tough challenge for any small ISV. Selecting the right tools and components to partner with is essential for our success. After carefully evaluating many competing component tools I selected Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition. No other solution could offer the same breadth and depth of coverage with professional look-and-feel all in a single package. Many of the competing tools have developed their own non-standard styles that - whilst nice - make UI integration a pain, alienate users, and to get the coverage I want would present my product as a collection of misfit components. Thanks to Syncfusion I don't have this worry. Add the quality of your documentation and source code to give me a real head-start and the feel I'm working with a superior product.

Amanda Kabak

Berkshire Mortgage Finance.

Syncfusion's controls are top-notch, surpassed only by their extraordinary customer service.

Bob Wiseman


Great product, really a joy to use, and wonderful support, too. Pat yourselves on the back!

Marc Scheuner

inova. Solutions AG.

We chose Essential Studio based on the breadth and quality of the components and the excellent support.

Kevin DiGilio

KMD Technology Solutions.

Syncfusion .NET Components have significantly reduced our UI development time. With use of the grid and tools namespaces we are able to deliver the high performance, extremely rich user interfaces which our customers have come to expect. Syncfusion products use native .NET data binding so no extra education is necessary. Using the XlsIO namespaces we have been able to allow our customers to build very complex financial models using the MS Office Excel files they are used to. We can then take those files and integrate them directly with enterprise database applications.

Kevin Kerr


Syncfusion components give developers an advantage over the competition by offering flexible re-usable modules that not only contain essential features, but also unmatched performance and reliability.

Jim Jackson

CA Group, Ltd.

I had great support when I started using Syncfusion.

When I first started using Syncfusion, it was with VB, and although I have many years of development experience, I needed a fair amount of assistance to get to know and use the functionality available from Syncfusion, as well as learning the intricacies of VB.NET itself. Thanks for the help of Syncfusion tech support, the main use of Syncfusion products has been very successful.

Queries have been turned around very quickly and in a helpful manner.

Anthony Berno

Perlegen Sciences.

Essential Grid's architecture permits tremendous flexibility and scalability for serious developers.

Riccardo Tarli

txt e-solutions.

We are very satisfied with the product and everyone in Tech Support is quick, polite, and competent.

Chris Wescott

Log Tech Canada, Ltd.

The Syncfusion Grid is at least 3 times faster when expanding and ten times faster for collapsing (when using large datasets) than the solution we were previously using.

Your support is the best that I have found, and as a developer I really appreciate this.

If I post a question in your forum I will have an answer usually the next morning.

Keep your excellent service - this made my buying decision that much easier.

Anthony Berno

Perlegen Sciences.

I consider Essential Grid to be the only credible choice among the .NET grid components on the market today.

Dennis C. Drumm

Primacode Technologies.

It seems like there isn't anything Essential Grid can't do that you might want to do with a grid control.

Massimo Galati


Essential Grid, along with other Syncfusion components, gave us the flexibility to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Essential Grid's power, flexibility, and many options allowed PROPHIX to develop one of the most leading-edge applications in today's marketplace.

Mathew Weaver

EarthSoft, Inc.

Syncfusion Essential XlsIO is very fast and works well for creating Excel workbooks in both server and workstation environments.

Nick Howard

Finite Matters, Ltd.

The Syncfusion ChartControl has almost any option you could want, but it is still easy to use. The support from Syncfusion is unbeatable - far and away the best I have received from a software company.

Edward Kennard


We have used Essential Tools to surround our grids with an intuitive, modern, and stylish interface that our users appreciate more than we had hoped.

Kevin Kerr


We needed performance, flexibility, and reliable support. After extensive searching Syncfusion was our top choice and our best decision. The Syncfusion Suite is so comprehensive it allows us to focus completely on our project implementation, saving us time and money. Syncfusion support is available for every request or problem a developer may have. You know Syncfusion's support is top notch when you see solutions and samples offered to anyone who asks on their Message board. That is almost more valuable than the feature rich components they offer. Syncfusion controls contain almost everything a developer could ask for, backed up by unmatched support. If your developers need fast and reliable support and a feature rich set of flexible re-usable controls, Syncfusion is the only choice. Syncfusion controls are a developer's dream come true.

Edward Kennard


We have been using Essential Studio for the last 2 1/2 years to develop commodity trading systems, and at no point have we been limited in what we can do. We have used Essential Tools to surround our grids with an intuitive, modern, and stylish interface that our users appreciate more than we had hoped. Using Essential Tools to surround our grids with an intuitive, modern, and stylish interface has come at no additional development time. Licensing the source code has proven invaluable for finding inspiration or debugging more complex issues. For any real show stoppers the Essential Studio Support Team have always provided, at minimum, a quick workaround, but usually a complete solution within 1 or 2 days. I have no hesitation in recommending Syncfusion products, and, in fact, did so recently to a separate development team within Trafigura.

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