Fake a Cleaner, Cooler Workspace in 2022 with Free Virtual Backgrounds

The last couple years of working from home have made many of us familiar with that spurt of dread. The one where you’re sitting in your pajamas at home, pecking at your keyboard for your latest project, and your boss pings you. Can you jump on a quick video call?

That dread.

You fling yourself at your wardrobe to pull on a presentable shirt, finger-comb your hair, and tell your boss, “Sure, no problem.”

And then you notice all that laundry on the floor you’ve been meaning to wash. The snack wrappers scattered about because the trash can is too far to reach from your chair. Or maybe that rock band poster on the wall behind you that screams “let the world burn” instead of “professional.”

Well, if you have trouble keeping your New Year’s resolution to get better at adulting, we are happy to help you hide it.

Check out our new virtual backgrounds! We’re offering backgrounds that give you a neatly decorated wall behind you, blurred office spaces, abstract art, or our cute Cody mascot against gradient colors.

Here are a few examples.

Keeping it cool in 2022 with an abstract virtual background
Going green and leafy in this realistic virtual background
Pretend it’s 2019 with this blurred virtual background
Feel a little cape envy for Cody against this pretty gradient virtual background

These are just a few of your choices. Check them all out and download them from this location. We hope you enjoy them!

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Jacqueline Bieringer