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Essential Studio for WinRT

Our WinRT controls have added a number of new features, including a toolbar for zooming and annotation support in the Chart control. We’ve also added a find-and-replace function for text boxes and automatic row sizing for the DataGrid control.

Chart (Universal)

Zooming Assistance

A toolbar has been added to facilitate interactive zooming and panning. Zoom behavior for events is now supported.

Zooming Toolbar
Zooming Toolbar

Annotation Editing

Annotation text can now be edited.

Editing Annotation Text
Editing Annotation Text

Annotation Events

Event notification during dynamic interactions is now supported in annotations.

DataGrid Control (Universal)

Automatic Row Height

The DataGrid control can automatically adjust the height of rows based on their content.

Row Height Based on Content of Column
Row Height Based on Content of Column

Freeze Panes

The DataGrid control can now freeze rows and columns at the top and bottom of the pane.

Rows at top and bottom are frozen.
Rows at top and bottom are frozen.

RichTextBoxAdv Control (Universal)

Find and Replace Support

The RichTextBoxAdv control now supports document-wide Find and Replace. Users can also use regular expression to find particular patterns of text in the document.

Find Options with Navigation to Result
Find Options with Navigation to Result
Find and Replace Text with Advanced Options
Find and Replace Text with Advanced Options

Diagram Control (Universal)

Line bridging direction

Line bridging direction can be set as Top, Bottom, Left, or Right.

Bridge Direction set to Top and Bottom
Bridge Direction set to Top and Bottom

Aspect ratio for node size

The aspect ratio for node size can be locked so that when a node’s width is changed, its height will be proportionally changed automatically.

Aspect ratio 1:1 is maintained when resizing node.
Aspect ratio 1:1 is maintained when resizing node.

Template support for tooltip

Tooltip appearance can now be customized by specifying a custom data template.

Custom Tooltip
Custom Tooltip.

Maps Control (Universal)

Poly-Line support

The Maps control now supports a poly-line feature.

Poly-Line Feature on a Map
Poly-Line Feature on a Map


Mail-merge support for relational objects

Essential DocIO supports nested mail merging with implicit relational data objects without any explicit relational commands. This helps users mail-merge directly with relational data objects like Entity Framework objects, LINQ data objects, and other business objects.

Predictive Analytics


The clustering model is used to classify data based on patterns—like shape, smell, etc. Widely used in many fields, examples of this model can be seen in sequence analysis, human genetic clustering, image segmentation, market research, social network analysis, and recommender systems.

Cox Regression

The Cox regression model is used to investigate the effect of several variables as they relate to time. This technique can be applied to determine the time of disease onset, stock market crash, equipment failure, natural disaster, and so on.


Multinomial distribution is used to show the likelihood of the results of an experiment with a repeated number of trials in which each trial can result in a specified number of outcomes greater than 2. Example uses include modelling people’s occupational choices based on parent’s occupation and education, or student graduation likelihood based on score and social-economic status.

Neural Networks

The neural networks model is used as a classification technique for complex, supervised learning. It is widely used in game playing and decision making (chess, poker), system identification and control (vehicle control, process control), pattern recognition (face detection, radar systems), sequence recognition, medical diagnosis, and financial applications (trading systems).