What's New in Essential Studio for WinRT

Volume 2 updates our WinRT Diagram control with a number of new features and adds unbound rows to the DataGrid control, and color palettes and trackballs to the Chart control.


Unbound Rows

The DataGrid control provides support to add rows to the top and bottom of the grid that are not bound to any data in ItemsSource. These rows can be used to add additional or custom information in the DataGrid control.

Spreadsheet Control

The Spreadsheet control can be used to view, create, and edit Excel files with a familiar Excel-like user interface. It includes a high-performance formula engine that supports more than 360 functions. It also includes several advanced features like freezing panes, conditional formatting, data validation, outlines, charts, pictures, and text boxes.


More Palettes

The Chart control supports different color palettes.

Series Selection

The Chart control supports selecting an entire series by clicking or resting on the series.

Trackball Enhancement

The Chart control supports multiple trackballs for a single series.



Margin and Offset support for annotations for precise position.


The ContextMenu can be used for frequently used commands.

Drawing Tool

Draw any node by clicking and dragging on the diagram page.


Localize text with the text used in the control.

Edge to Edge

Connect one connector to another through a port.

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