What's New in Essential Studio for WinRT

Essential Studio for WinRT provides an extensive offering of UI and data visualization controls. This release also brings many improvements to the chart, spreadsheet, and data grid controls.


Stripline Enhancement

The chart axis supports start and end points for striplines.

Rotating Data Labels

Data labels can be rotated by specifying rotation angle.


Conditional Formatting

The spreadsheet control provides support to define and import conditional formatting rules for data bars, icon sets, and color scales used to visualize data.

Formula Reference Selection

The spreadsheet control supports selecting cell references, instead of typing them into a cell, within the same worksheet or different worksheets. It also supports highlighting cells that already contain references while editing.


The spreadsheet control supports importing sparklines, which are miniature charts placed in single cells, from Excel.

Cell-Level Context Menu

The spreadsheet control provides cell-level context menus that can be opened by right-clicking a cell. Context menus can also be customized.


The spreadsheet control supports zooming in and zooming out of a worksheet view.

Data Grid

Cell Merging

The data grid control supports dynamically merging redundant data in adjacent cells to present that data in a single cell.

Rich Text Box

Import-Export Enhancement

HTML content can be imported into the rich text editor. Content within the rich text editor can also be exported as HTML.

Essential PDF

Text Extraction Enhancement

Essential PDF supports text extraction from PDF documents based on position. Extracted text appears just as it would in a PDF viewer application.

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