What's New in Essential Studio for Windows Phone

Essential Studio for Windows Phone adds a new NavigationDrawer control and brings significant enhancements to its existing Chart and TexBoxExt controls.


Unbound Rows

The DataGrid control supports adding rows to the top and bottom of a grid even if they are not bound to data. These rows can be used to present more information or present custom information.


More Palettes

The Chart control supports different color palettes.

Series Selection

The Chart control supports selecting an entire series by tapping on the series.

Trackball Enhancement

The Chart control supports multiple trackballs for a single series.


AutoComplete is supported in the TextBoxExt control for Windows Phone Silverlight.


The NavigationDrawer control has been implemented in the Windows Phone Silverlight platform.

The NavigationDrawer control can display any type of content and can be opened from any edge of the screen. Additional features include four built-in opening positions (left, right, top, and bottom) and three predefined open and close animations (SlideOnTop, Push, and Reveal).

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