What's New in Essential Studio for Windows Phone

Our offering for Windows Phone adds named destinations and table styles for PDF documents and annotations—such as circle, rectangle, polygon, and text markup—that can be flatten to prevent editing.


Axis Header Alignment

Axis headers can be positioned outside of the plot area when an axis is placed inside the plot area with a custom origin.

Axis Label Rotation Enhancement

Axis label rotation will always correspond to tick lines for better readability. An option has been provided to enable rotation when labels overlap.

Toolbar Customization

The size and margins of toolbar items can be customized.

Support for Null Values

Null points will be considered as empty points.


Named Destinations

Named destinations can be added in PDF documents for interactive navigation. Destinations and properties can also be edited in existing PDF documents.

Flattening Annotations

Annotations such as circle, rectangle, polygon, and text markup can be flattened to disable the editing capability.

Built-in Table Styles

With just a few lines of code, table styles similar to Microsoft Word can be added to PDF grids and light tables.

GS1-128 Bar Code

GS1-128 bar codes can be added in the PDF document, and the API supports exporting a bar code as an image.

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