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Essential Studio for Windows Phone

Essential Studio for Windows Phone incudes updates to many major controls, including the Chart, DataGrid, RichTextBox, Diagram, Maps, and Schedule controls.

Chart Control

Zooming assistance

A toolbar has been added for interactive zooming and panning. Events for the zooming behavior in the chart are also supported.

Zooming Toolbar in Chart Control

Annotation Editing

Editing text in annotations is supported.

Editing Annotations

Annotation Events

Event notification in annotations during dynamic interactions is supported.

DataGrid Control (Universal)

Automatic Row Height

Row height size can be based on cell content for specific columns or all columns. This improves the readability of the content. This operation will occur in an on-demand basis, which will not affect the loading performance of the Grid.

Height of the Row Based on Name Column

Freeze Panes

The DataGrid control supports freezing rows and columns at the top and bottom of the grid, similar to Excel freeze rows.

Frozen Rows at Top and Bottom of Grid

RichTextBoxAdv Control (Universal)

Find and Replace

The RichTextBoxAdv control provides support to find text in the document and replace one or all occurrences of that text with a new word or phrase. Regular expressions can also be used to find a particular pattern of text in the document. This helps users to modify the contents easily.

Finding Text in a Document

Text Prediction Support

The RichTextBoxAdv control provides text prediction support, which shows predictive text on the virtual keyboard while typing. This helps users type quickly and easily.

Text Prediction Shown on Virtual Keyboard

Diagram Control (Universal)

Line Bridging Direction

Directional preference for line bridging can be set as Top, Bottom, Left, or Right.

Bridge Direction Set as Top and Bottom

Maps Control (Universal)

Polyline Support

Polyline support has been provided.

Polylines on a Map


Tab-Like Navigation

Tab-like navigation enables users to easily navigate between views. Tapping the header or flipping the view will navigate to the next or previous screen.

Tab-Like Navigation


Mail-merge support for relational objects

Essential DocIO supports nested mail merging with implicit relational data objects without any explicit relational commands. This helps users mail-merge directly with relational data objects like Entity Framework objects, LINQ data objects, and other business objects.