Enterprise-class control extensions for LightSwitch applications.
Feature-rich extensions including data grids, charts, maps, gauge editors, and more.
All extensions are available exclusively in Essential Studio for Silverlight.
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Essential Studio for LightSwitch is a collection of control extensions for the LightSwitch framework. The Syncfusion control extensions greatly enhance the appearance and functionality of the application.
The DataGrid control extension provides several functionalities that are provided by the default Grid control such as Grouping, Filtering, Sorting, Resizing and Rearranging Columns.
The Chart extension provides a rich Chart control with 20+ Chart Types, and includes rich features such as Annotations, Zooming, Panning, Trackball and CrossHair. It also automatically creates the appropriate Axis Types based on the underlying data.
The Editor controls extensions such as NumericTextBox and DatePicker provide a rich data editing interface for working with primitive data types.
Report Viewer
Enables displaying RDLC reports from within LightSwitch applications. It also supports printing the reports.
XlsIO and DocIO
Enables exporting data to Microsoft Excel and Word file formats. Data can be greatly transformed and formatted during export.
Create rich diagrams such as Org charts within your LightSwitch applications.
Theme Extension
Style your entire application including the default framework control extensions by using any one of our stunning themes such as Office2010Blue, Office2010Black, Office2010Silver, Metro or Blend.
Shell Extension
The entire navigation and layout structure of the created applications are greatly enhanced to use popular UI paradigms like Docking, Ribbon and TreeView. This greatly enhances the end-user experience.