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Syncfusion is celebrating the release of Essential Studio for JavaScript with a special license offer for hobbyists. Hobbyist licenses allow for commercial use by individual developers, not by or for the benefit of any other company or organization. Buy today and start working on your next big idea!
Includes one year of support and updates.
The first JavaScript control framework designed for line-of-business (LOB) applications
70+ unique controls including charts, grids, maps, gauges and much more
Includes one year of support and updates
Watch our controls in action!
Feature-rich grids and charts
The most important controls in any user interface toolkit are the grid and chart. Essential Studio for JavaScript includes some of the most feature-rich grid and chart controls on the market. The chart control’s rich feature set includes data binding, multiple axes, trackball support, drill-down operations, and zooming. The grid control includes data binding, editing, filtering, grouping, paging, sorting, summaries, and row templates.
Build enterprise dashboards
Essential Studio for JavaScript has been designed from the ground up for building enterprise applications. It includes all the controls necessary for building enterprise dashboards, including grid, chart, gauges, OLAP grid, and much more.
Business Intelligence on the web
Easily visualize BI data on the web using the OLAP Grid control. End users can also interactively drill down to better analyze the data and gain valuable insights.
Unique data source control
Essential Studio for JavaScript includes a unique data source control that simplifies working with both local and remote data.
Stunning appearance
All the controls are visually stunning and have elegant animations. There are 12 built-in themes that provide flat, gradient, light, and dark appearances for all controls out of the box.
Real world samples
One of the ways we test and ensure that our components are enterprise ready is by building several proof-of-concept samples for line-of-business applications, which ship with our SDK. Most of the samples push the control to its limit, so you can truly evaluate whether it meets your requirements now and in the future.
Best-in-class support
With our sophisticated Direct-Trac support system, built from the ground up to support enterprise customers, you will have a streamlined experience working with our support team. No query is too simple, so feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our controls.
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