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Essential Spreadsheet is a control for viewing and editing Microsoft Excel files in a familiar Excel-like interface without Excel installed. It combines some of our most popular components like our Grid control, Ribbon control, formula engine, and others to create a first of its kind offering for WPF for viewing and editing Excel files.

Viewing and Editing Excel Files

Essential Spreadsheet allows you to import the contents of a Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file and also allows you to edit and save the Excel file. All worksheets are imported and visualized in the same Excel-like tabbed interface. Even protected worksheets and workbooks can be opened, and you can also encrypt them with a password of your own. The following Excel versions are supported: Excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013. Essential Spreadsheet gives you all this in a great Excel-like user interface with Office-style ribbons and tabbed worksheets without Excel installed. The interactive UI allows you to edit or delete columns and rows at run time, add or remove sheets, context menus, and more. It also provides built-in support for all the common clipboard operations and Undo / Redo operations.

Spreadsheet Control

Styles and Formats

Styles and formats defined in an Excel file are automatically imported and applied to the correct cells, rows, and columns. End users can also apply these settings to cells during run time.

Spreadsheet Cell Fonts
Run-Time Conditional Formatting
Number Formatting in the Spreadsheet Control
Merged Cells in the Spreadsheet Control
Cell Borders in the Spreadsheet Control

Charts and Sparklines

Embedded elements like charts, sparklines, rich text content, and images defined in the Excel document can be shown in the spreadsheet.

Chart within a Spreadsheet
Sparklines within a Spreadsheet


Each worksheet is presented in a familar Excel-like tabbed user inteface. Freeze panes are available to make certain columns and rows always visible while scrolling. Bookmarks and hyperlinks (to bookmarks) are also imported and presented to the end user.

Frozen Panes
Run-Time Hyperlink Editor


Cells, including cells containing formulas, can be edited inline. Formulas defined in .xls files are not only calculated, but you can also define new formulas and save them in the .xls file. You can even specify cross-worksheet formulas. Validation rules specified in .xls files are automatically imported in Essential Spreadsheet, and end users can edit or add new rules through familiar, built-in dialog boxes. Comments for specific cells can be edited and also shown in smart tags identical to those found in Excel.

Formulas Support
Data Validation Entry Dialog
Run-Time Validation
Comment Editor
Comments Shown on Mouse Hover

Named Ranges

Named Ranges feature allows you to assign a name to a particular cell or range of cells. Named ranges are mainly used in formulas. It helps you to easily identify the cell or range of cell references used in the formulas. Spreadsheet automatically imports the Named Ranges which are defined in excel. Spreadsheet has a Name Manager which displays the existing Named Ranges in the Workbook and also allows the end user to create, edit and delete the Named ranges.



Essential SpreadSheet provides full support for all the clipboard operations like cut, copy, and paste. In the case of formula cells, you can either paste the cell values or the formulas. Also the formula values are adjusted based on the relative cell references.

Spreadsheet copy / paste with formulas
Spreadsheet copy / paste with formulas

Worksheet Management

Spreadsheet allows you to manage the worksheets in a Workbook. That is, you can show/hide the worksheets to easily navigate between the worksheets when the workbook have many worksheets. It allows the end user to insert, delete and rename the worksheet. When the end user rename the worksheet, Spreadsheet automatically updates all the formula which having old sheet name with modified sheet name. You can protect the worksheet to prevent the unwanted changes from the end user. Essential Spreadsheet can import the Worksheet which are protected in Excel and allows you to unprotect it using the same password.

Worksheet Management
Worksheet Management

Ribbon Toolbar

Essential SpreadSheet provides full support for all the clipboard operations like cut, copy, and paste. In the case of formula cells, you can either paste the cell values or the formulas. Also the formula values are adjusted based on the relative cell references.

The Ribbon Toolbar
Spreadsheet Zooming feature

Export Options

In addition to being able to export to Excel 97-2010 file formats, it is also possible to export to HTML, PDF, and image formats.

Localization Support

Essential Spreadsheet comes with support for several built-in locales and it also allows you to add custom locales if necessary.

Localized Spreadsheet


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Excellent toolset and a great support team. I’ve been using Syncfusion’s products for a couple of years, and they save me a lot of time on ASP/MVC development. I’ve found that with every new development, all the components I need are already in my subscription bundle. I really enjoy the product updates with new functionality, including the beta add-ons.

Oswaldo Diaz

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Syncfusion’s Windows Forms and WPF controls allowed us to create an application for traders that provided charts of proprietary information that updated every few seconds. The chart control saved me from having to write my own.

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Syncfusion's tools provide features right out of the box, such as charts, layout controls, maps, and reporting. If these controls were designed and implemented manually, the development process would be slowed exponentially!

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