What's New in Essential Studio for Javascript

Support for our Essential PDF reporting tool has been added to our JavaScript suite. A virtualization feature for the spreadsheet control and a new group button are also available for JavaScript, along with several new or updated UI and customization features for the chart, Gantt, ribbon, tree grid, and tree map controls.


Globalization Support

Essential Studio for JavaScript provides globalization methods to support localized formatting. It also supports editing and creating unique cultures in all Syncfusion JavaScript controls. Syncfusion methods work independently with any other libraries used for formatting or globalization.

Bower Package

Install and manage Syncfusion JavaScript controls using Bower (http://bower.io/search/?q=syncfusion).



The chart control supports waterfall series, which represents the cumulative effect of sequential positive or negative value.

Error Bars

Error bars can be used to plot possible errors or uncertainty in data points.

Empty Points Customization

Empty-point values can be easily handled with several customizable options.

Multiple Selections

Multiple data points or series can be selected when clicking them. Selected items can be customized with desired patterns and colors.

Legend Trim and Wrap

Legend text can be trimmed or wrapped.

Dash Array

Provided dash lines support to series border.

Border in Chart Title

Appearance of title and subtitle can be enriched with rectangle and rounded borders.


Trackball tooltip will arrange smartly to avoid intersection with others.


  • Additional events has been added to enhance user interaction

  • Provided option to disable side by side placement of column and bar type series

Date-Time Picker

Drill-Down Support

The date-time picker control allows drilling down on a selected date to time intervals categorized by a.m. and p.m.

Drop-Down List


The drop-down list control is a graphical pop-up element similar to a list box that allows users to choose one or multiple values from a list. When a drop-down list is inactive, it displays a single value or multiple values in an input text box.

Virtual Scrolling

The virtual scrolling feature can be used to display a large number of records in the drop-down list. For example, when using the scroll bar, an AJAX request will be sent to fetch data from the server dynamically. The number of items returned for each AJAX request can be controlled through a single property. Virtual scrolling allows data to be loaded dynamically in two ways.

In normal mode, the data is only loaded when the list is scrolled to another position.

In continuous mode, the data is loaded when the scroll handle reaches the end of the scroll bar.

Items in the drop-down list can be searched to retrieve an exact item. This feature is helpful when a large amount of data is loaded in the control.

File Explorer

Advanced search techniques—like wildcard search and search extended to specified levels—provide a comprehensive search mechanism for file systems.

View Format

The file explorer supports view formats for large icons and grid views.



  • Additional APIs have been provided to handle toolbar button click events, as well as open and close events for add and edit dialog boxes.
  • Automatic validation of a successor task’s start and end dates can be enabled or disabled while editing a predecessor task’s start and end dates.
  • The splitter position can be changed based on column widths.

Group Button

The group button allows multiple actions to be grouped and behave as radio buttons or check boxes.

PDF Viewer (Preview)

The PDF viewer for JavaScript is a native HTML 5 viewer for viewing PDF documents without any dependency on Adobe.

PDF Viewer for JavaScript

Pivot Grid

Data Source

Previously, the pivot grid control communicated with WCF and Web API services for both data sources and data manipulation. Now, the pivot grid control is capable of working entirely on the client-side for relational data sources.

Predictive Analytics

Transformation Dictionary Enhancements

Defined and built-in functions can be applied under the transformation dictionary.

IBM SPSS PMML Compatibility

Support has been added for PMML files generated by IBM SPSS for the following models:

  • Apriori
  • Carma
  • C5.0
  • Cox
  • C-R Tree
  • Decision list
  • Genlin
  • GLMM
  • K-means
  • Kohonen
  • Linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Neural networks
  • Sequence
  • SVM


Quick Access Toolbar

The quick access toolbar provides shortcuts to the most commonly used controls. It can be placed at the top or bottom of the ribbon, and supports the button, split button, and toggle button controls.


PDF Export

The scheduler control comes with an additional PDF Export option that allows users to export content to PDF format.

Time Scale

A distinct time-interval option with well-classified and customizable major-minor slots allows users to clearly view the times of their appointments.

Work Cell Template

Aside from appointment and resource header templates, other schedule elements–like work cells, all-day cells, and date header cells–have a template option to allow customization.


Appointment window fields have client-side validation support that allows customized error messages to display when invalid values are entered into input elements.

Cell Auto-fit

Instead of displaying an overflow indicator, work cells in the timeline view automatically adjust their height based on the exceeding appointment count. The same behavior applies to the month view in the vertical schedule too.

Spreadsheet Control


The spreadsheet control supports virtualization for loading and viewing large amounts of data. Data is rendered on demand, as the scroll handle is moved, to make scrolling faster and smoother.

Lock Cells

The spreadsheet control supports locking a range of cells to prevent any kind of action from being performed. It allows users to protect specific sheets in a workbook or an entire workbook without using a password.

Lock Cells

Cell Type

The cell type feature allows users to specify the cell type for a range of cells or a single cell. The available cell types are button, check box, drop-down list, and date picker.

Cell Type

Tree Grid

Frozen Columns

Columns can be frozen and unfrozen.

Custom Column Headers

Column headers can be customized with templates.

Sub-Context Menu Customization

Sub-context menu items can be customized.

Tree Map

Color Mapping and Legends

The tree map control supports gradient color mapping and interactive legends.

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