Essential Studio for JavaScript

Our JavaScript libraries have also received several significant updates, including the introduction of a new tree grid control. Another important update is the inclusion of TypeScript definitions for all the controls, and a new tool for customizing and downloading only the necessary portions of the Essential Studio for JavaScript library. Several other controls like the chart, grid, gantt, and schedule have received significant updates as well.


Polar and Radar Charts

Polar and radar charts are now available for JavaScript. Both chart types are used to plot values in a 360-degree area and feature support for line, column, and area series.

polar chart
Polar Chart
radar chart
Radar Chart
real-time polar chart
Real-Time Polar Chart

Edge Label Placement

The Chart library for JavaScript now offers edge label placement options to prevent series labels at the start or end of a chart’s axes from overlapping other labels or stretching outside of the chart area. Users can choose to shift or hide edge labels with this feature. This feature is available for both horizontal and vertical axes.

default edge label chart
Chart with Default Edge Labels
shifted edge label chart
Chart with Shifted Edge Labels
hidden edge label chart
Chart with Hidden Edge Labels


Tooltip Showing Cell Text

When the content of a grid cell exceeds the width of the cell, the complete text will be displayed in a tooltip.

polar chart
Tooltio with Cell Text


Multi-selection Support

Multiple map elements can be selected at one time.

polar chart
Multiple States Selected


Multiple Resources

Resources can be created in the schedule, enabling appointments to be grouped and sorted into categories. Individual appointments can be assigned multiple resources.

multiple resources schedule
Multiple Resources in Schedule

Reminder Window

The reminder window can be used to display a custom notification of an upcoming appointment. Users can completely customize the behavior of the reminder. For example, when a reminder appears, an email can be sent to the user.

multiple resources schedule
Reminder Window in Schedule

Previous and Next Appointment Navigation

Tabs have been added to allow users to quickly navigate to the next or previous appointment in the schedule.

prev next appointment schedule
Previous Appointment and Next Appointment Tabs

Custom Appointment Window

The appointment window in the Schedule library can be completely customized. Users can change the appearance of the default appointment window by adding or removing built-in fields and adding custom fields.

custom window schedule
Custom Appointment Window

Context Menu

A context menu has been added to the Schedule library with options to create a new appointment, create a new appointment, navigate to a specific date, and more. Users can modify the default options available in the context menu and can create their own.

context menu schedule
Context Menu in Schedule

Custom Script Generator

Syncfusion’s Custom Script Generator is a utility that creates a custom script and CSS file based on the controls you select, allowing you to implement multiple controls without having to deal with the controls you don’t want.

context menu schedule