What's New in Essential Studio for Javascript

Client-side support for OLAP data sources has been added to the pivot grid in Essential Studio for JavaScript. A new kanban control has been developed to better manage workflows, and a new tooltip control allows you to customize messages for users.


Angular 2

Angular 2 support has been implemented for most of the important Syncfusion JavaScript controls. Syncfusion’s Angular 2 base is fully written in TypeScript, so you can seamlessly use the controls with Angular 2 plus a TypeScript environment.

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Axis Crossing

Chart axes can be positioned anywhere within a chart area; a horizontal axis can be placed relative to a vertical axis and vice versa.

Column Spacing

Column width and spacing between columns can be customized.

Server-Side Exporting

A chart can be exported on the server side to a Word document, PDF document, Excel file, or image including SVG, JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats.

Indexed Category Axis

A category axis can plot data points based on their index.

Chart Scrollbar

Charts can be smoothly panned with a scrollbar after being zoomed.

Multicolor Line Series

A line series can be plotted with different colors for each data point.

Multiple Pie and Doughnut Series

Multiple pie and doughnut series can be plotted in a chart.

Multiple Range Selection

Data points in a chart region can be selected through mouse or touch interactions and multiple regions can be selected.

Common Mobile

Theming support is provided for Android “M” and Windows 10 Mobile with a focus on UI performance.

Android “M” Theme

Essential Studio for JavaScript supports the latest Android “M” theme

Windows 10 Mobile Theme Support

Essential Studio for JavaScript supports the latest Windows 10 Mobile theme.


Multiple Parent Layout

The organization chart and hierarchical tree layout now support nodes connected to multiple parents.


The diagram control supports printing documents with multiple pages.

Layout Bounds and Alignment

A layout can be aligned anywhere on the viewport or within any specific rectangular area.

Background Image

The diagram control supports to stretching or aligning background images anywhere in the drawing area.

File Explorer

Access Control

The file explorer has methods to assign permissions or access rights to specific users or groups of users. This component controls the ability of those users to view or make changes to the content of the file system.


Taskbar Templates

Taskbars can be customized with templates.

Row Drag and Drop

Rows can be reordered by dragging and dropping them to new positions.

Cell Selection

Single or multiple cells can be selected.

Column Options in Column Menu

Columns can be renamed, deleted, and added dynamically through different editing options.

Work Breakdown Structure

Tasks can be numbered sequentially to easily identify their levels.


Row Reordering, Dragging, and Dropping

By using a drag-and-drop operation, row data can be moved between multiple grids or to a custom control such as a form element or shopping cart. The same operation can be used to reorder grid rows.

Filter Bar Templates

A filter bar template can be used to define a unique UI filter to achieve custom data filtering.

Batch or Multiple Row Deleting

With batch deleting, multiple rows in a grid can be selected and deleted. The grid automatically understands the type of request that needs to be sent to the server, whether it’s a batch delete or simple remove action.

Kanban Board

The kanban control enables visualizing and managing workflows between users and groups, giving teams more flexible planning options, clear focus, and transparency throughout the development cycle. It supports the following features:

  • Drag-and-drop operations
  • Swim lanes
  • Editing
  • Filtering and searching
  • Localization and RTL
  • Adaptive rendering
  • Templates for cards
  • Column-level constraints
  • Stacked headers
  • Keyboard navigation

PDF Viewer


PDF documents with multiple pages can now be printed on the client side.

Internal document links and web links allows navigation within the document and external web pages.

Pivot Grid

Support for OLAP Data Source Completely on Client Side

The pivot grid control supports communicating with an OLAP data source completely from the client end through XML/A connections. Rich UI options are supported as well—such as drilling up or down, filtering, pivot table field lists, and grouping bars.

State Persistence for Relational Data Source

The expand and collapse states of row and column headers are maintained during every UI interaction for relational data sources in the pivot grid.

Excel Exporting (Client Mode)

Pivot grid content rendered from both OLAP and relational data sources on the client end can be exported to Excel.

Number Format Support for Relational Data Source (Client Mode)

By setting the format option, pivot grid control values bound from relational data sources can be formatted for numbers, decimals, currencies, percentages, dates, and times as well as other options.

Write-Back Support for OLAP (Server Mode)

Values in the pivot grid control can be edited and a write-enabled cube can be updated at the back-end (SSAS) dynamically at run time.

Predictive Analytics

SAS PMML Compatibility Support

Experimental support for PMML files generated by SAS has been added for the following models:

  • Association rules
  • Clustering models
  • Neural networks
  • Regressions
  • Tree models

Range Navigator

Range Scrollbar

A scrollbar can be used to drill down and select a range with a high level of precision.

Range Selection and Highlighting

Any interval in the range navigator can be highlighted when the mouse moves. Intervals can be selected by clicking and dragging the highlighted interval.


Custom List

Ordered List and Unordered List styles can be customized with list of default options or a user defined options.

Table Resize

RTE allows the user to resize the table and its columns and rows individually.

Zoom and Print

The rich text editor control allows users to zoom and print its content.

Find and Replace

The find-and-replace feature helps to search for and substitute a given keyword with content from the editor.

Context Menu

With the context menu, editor menu options can be customized in the rich text editor control.

Keyboard Interaction Improvements

Enhanced keyboard interaction support is provided for all toolbar commands like Lowercase, Uppercase, Strike, Superscript, Subscript, Insert Image, Insert Video, etc.

jQuery Validation

jQuery form validation support is enabled for the rich text editor.


Cell Formatting

Schedule control cells and almost all other sub-elements can be formatted or customized with user-specific styles.

Custom Workdays and Hours for Individual Resources

Different work hours and workdays can be defined individually for each resource available within the schedule control

Recurrence Editor

All recurrence-related information is accessible through a separate plug-in called the Recurrence Editor, making recurrence information available for individual usage or to be embed directly into a customized appointment window.

Live Preview when Dragging and Resizing

When appointments are resized and dragged, a preview will indicate the new times covered by the appointment.

Live preview while resizing

Live preview while dragging

Excluding Dates from Previous or Upcoming Months

Dates from previous or upcoming months can be displayed or hidden.


Data Binding with Batch Saving

The spreadsheet control can be used as a data-bound widget, allowing a data source to be bound to the control’s sheet or a range cells. Changes will be sent back to the remote server or to an in-memory object.

Cell Binding

You can pre-define or override each cell in the spreadsheet control with a simple JSON object, which supports setting values, formulas, comments, hyperlinks, cell formats, and number formats.

Cell Binding

Pivot Table

Pivot table support has been added to summarize and analyze large amounts of data in the spreadsheet control.

Pivot Table


The tooltip control displays a pop-up hint when users hover, click, or focus on an element. The tooltip will be positioned based on browser window, mouse, target element, or x and y coordinates. The tooltip’s layout can be customized to create a distinct visualized element.

Tree Grid


Rows can be displayed in a paged view.

Cell Selection

Single or multiple cells can be selected.

Column Options in Column Menu

Columns can be renamed, deleted, and added dynamically through different editing options.

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