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  • Read/Write Excel files from .NET
  • 100x faster than Office automation


  • XlSIO


Essential XlsIO is a .NET library that can read and write Microsoft Excel files. It features a full-fledged object model similar to the Microsoft Office Automation libraries. It can be used on systems that do not have Microsoft Excel installed, making it an excellent report engine for tabular data. Essential XlsIO enables users to create document-based reports in Windows forms, WPF, ASP.NET Webforms, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WinRT, Windows Phone, Universal and Xamarin applications.

Blazing Fast Performance. 100x faster than Office automation.

Essential XlsIO has been optimized for usage on servers where speed and memory usage are critical. It can easily handle multiple requests for report generation in scenarios such as web sites serving reports to hundreds of simultaneous users. Essential XlsIO is also highly optimized to generate Excel files with a large amount of data. It is optimized for both low memory usage and speed. It works more than 100 times faster than Excel automation and consumes much less memory compared to that of Excel.

Easily Migrate from Office Automation

If you have code that's already written using Office automation, it is very easy to migrate that code to XlsIO since the APIs are very similar. However the similarity ends there; XlsIO is more than 100 times faster than Office automation.

Compatible with Microsoft Excel Versions 97 to 2013

Essential XlsIO can read and write files based on all popular Excel file format variants including XLS and XLSX. You can even open a file in one format and save it back in another format.

No Server Deployment Fees

There are no distribution fees, per-server licensing fees, or royalties, making XlsIO very cost-effective.

Start Reports with Excel and Finish with XlsIO

Let designers visually design reports using Microsoft Excel, and then use Essential XlsIO to populate it with dynamic data during run time, to generate an invoice for example. You can save the final report to a local file, stream, stream it to the client browser, or even export to other formats we support.

Consume Data Stored in Excel Workbooks

When you read an existing Excel document using XlsIO, the entire document is parsed and available for manipulation through its object model. This makes consuming data stored in Excel documents as simple as loading a workbook and accessing the data through XlsIO’s intuitive object model.

Powerful and comprehensive API

All of the elements in a typical Excel file like the cell values, formatting, images, charts and pivot tables are accessible through XlsIO’s comprehensive set of API’s. This makes it possible to create richly formatted Excel files as well as extract any desired piece of information in an existing Excel file.

Formatting Cells

There are API’s available to read and write cell formatting options like text color, number formatting, cell background etc. It is also possible to work with named styles to format content.

Formatting Cells

Easily import and export data

Essential XlsIO provides several utility methods to work with common data sources. It only takes one line of code to import an Array, Data Table, Data View, Data Column, and Business Objects into a worksheet.

Easily import and export data
Template Marker


Essential XlsIO has advanced support for creating and modifying Excel charts inside a workbook. Charts can be created as an embedded chart (chart is embedded inside a worksheet) or as a chart worksheet (chart is a separate worksheet). Several formatting options are available to customize the look and feel of such charts as well.

Conditional Formatting

Data Validation

Essential XlsIO allows you to add data validation rules to a cell. This is valuable when you want the data entered in the workbook to be accurate and consistent. You can restrict data entry to a certain range of dates, limit choices by using a list, or make sure that only positive whole numbers are entered.

Data Validation

Encryption and Decryption

By using Password Encryption in Essential XlsIO, you can secure the data in your reports and make it impossible for anyone to view the workbook without the password. There are also several other options available to restrict specific user actions like inserting, formatting, and deleting rows. This feature is not applicable for Xamarin.

Encryption and Decryption
Workbook and Worksheet Protection

Document Properties

Document Properties are named values that provide information about the document, such as the date and time at which the document was last saved, the last user to modify the document, and so on. The built-in document properties such as Application Name, Document Title, Category, Keywords, Company, etc. can be set for the documents using Essential XlsIO. It is also possible to set custom document properties as well.

Document Properties

Named Ranges

Named Ranges are a powerful feature in Excel, which makes it possible to assign a name to a group of cells. XlsIO has APIs for inserting new named ranges into workbooks, and also to read existing named ranges. Named Ranges are mainly used in formulas.

Named Ranges
Pivot Table

Convert to CSV, PDF and HTML

It is also possible to export the Excel file to other common formats like CSV, PDF and HTML. Conversion to Pdf and Html are supported in Windows forms, WPF, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC only.

Convert to CSV, PDF and HTML
Viewing and Editing with Spreadsheet Control


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