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I have tested my custom time picker on different iOS devices and it works well with except of an older iPad 2. Title, headers, cancel and ok buttons are displayed. Also the events of the buttons are working. But the area where the carousels for picking hour, minute and second are displayed is empty.

Your example (I got it from the request 5937works perfect on that iPad. So I have compared everything: plist, project settings and the initialization of the picker. I could not find any differences to solve my problem. Therefore my question is: Do you have an idea what might be the cause for that missing area? 

Here is my initialization code:

            TimePicker = new TimeSpanPicker(ShowSeconds)


                Frame = TopView.Frame,

                PickerWidth = TopView.Bounds.Width * 0.9,

                PickerHeight = TopView.Bounds.Height * 0.9,

                PickerMode = PickerMode.Dialog


            TimePicker.OkButtonClicked += TimePicker_OkButtonClicked;

            TimePicker.CancelButtonClicked += TimePicker_CancelButtonClicked;

            TimePicker.Closed += TimePicker_Closed;



                var value = DataColumn.CellValue;

                if (value is TimeSpan time)





                TimePicker.IsOpen = true;


            catch (Exception e)





 The initialization starts when the user taps into a text field that holds the current TimeSpan value.

The TopView is the view of the controller as in your example.

Best regards