Getting Started With The Vue File Upload Component

Updated on Jul 04, 2024
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A quick-start Vue project that shows how to create and configure the Syncfusion Vue File Upload component. This project contains code to configure a few of its basic features, like uploading multiple files, uploading a single file, and validation during file upload. It also shows how to upload files asynchronously.

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Refer to the following documentation to learn about the Vue File Upload component:

Check out this online example of the Vue File Upload component:

Before working on this project, make sure you have the latest versions of Node.js and Visual Studio Code on your machine.

How to run this application

To run this application, you need to clone the Getting-Started-with-the-Vue-File-Upload-Component repository and open it in Visual Studio Code. Then, you can install all the necessary Vue packages in your project using the npm install command and run your project using the npm run dev command.