Creating a Multiple Column Chart for eHealth and Meditation Apps

Updated on Sep 15, 2023
clustered-column-chart comparative-column-chart data-comparison-chart grouped-column-chart maui multi-column-chart multi-series-column-chart

Multiple column charts are commonly used in business analytics to compare sales performance across various products or regions. This sample demonstrates how to create a Multiple Column Chart by analyzing the revenue growth rates of eHealth and meditation apps in the US using .NET MAUI (SfCartesianChart).


Customizing Chart Appearance

In this example, we have customized the appearance of our chart by adding a chart title and legend, as well as personalizing elements such as the plot area background, axis elements, series.

Adding a chart title

A chart title provides essential context to the plotted data

Adding a Chart Legend

The legend contains a list of series in the chart. Enabling the chart legend allows us to identify the corresponding data series in the chart.

Customizing Chart Plot Area Background View

The SfCartesianChart allows you to add any view to the chart plot area. In this example, we'll incorporate an SfCircularChart as the background of the Cartesian chart.

Chart Axis Customization

We can further customize axis elements, including axis label style, major tickline style, axis line style, and the visibility of both axis and axis major gridlines.

Customizing Chart Series

The series’ appearance can be customized by assigning different fill colors to each series and enabling data labels for the series segments.

For a detailed explanation, refer to the Multiple Column Chart for eHealth and Meditation Apps blog