Creating a Area Chart for the US Tech Companies Adopting Dual Class Voting Structures

Updated on Sep 15, 2023
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Area chart is used to represent the quantitative values of different categories over a continuous interval. It is particularly effective for displaying trends and patterns in data that change over time or across a continuous variable.

This sample demonstrates how to represent a dual-class voting structure by utilizing a .NET MAUI Area Chart.

In their initial public offerings (IPOs), many corporations are choosing to adopt a dual-class voting structure. This structure gives founders and key stakeholders multiple votes per share, allowing them to retain control over strategic decision-making even after the company goes public. This can be seen as a way to protect the company's long-term vision from the whims of the stock market, but it can also be seen as a way to entrench the founders and stakeholders at the expense of other shareholders.

The following image shows the growth of dual-class structures in IPOs in tech and non-tech US companies since 1980.


For a step by step procedure, refer to the Dual Class Voting Structure Blog.