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The Xamarin Charts, a mobile friendly easy-to-use cross platform charting package is used to add beautiful charts to mobile and desktop apps. It contains a rich gallery of 30+ charts and graphs, ranging from line to financial charts that cater to all charting scenarios. Its high performance helps render large amount of data quickly in your mobile and desktop devices. It also comes with a lot of features such as zooming, panning, tooltip, crosshair, trackball, drill-down, and events to make the charts more interactive.

High performance

The Xamarin.Forms Chart control includes several data rendering optimizations. It provides the best possible performance when plotting large volumes of data and handling high-frequency real-time data.

High-performance Xamarin.Forms charts

Chart types

The Xamarin.Forms Chart control includes functionality for plotting more than 30 chart types. Each chart type is easily configured with built-in support for creating stunning visual effects.

Xamarin.Forms chart types

Chart axis

The Xamarin.Forms Chart control supports four different types of axes: numerical, categorical, date-time, and logarithmic. The appearance of all chart axis elements can be customized with built-in properties.

Xamarin.Forms chart multiple axis

User interactions

The end user experience is greatly enhanced by a set of user interaction features such as zooming, panning, trackball, selection, and tooltip.

Xamarin.Forms chart interactive features

Data labels and markers

Data points can be easily annotated with labels to improve the readability of data in Xamarin.Forms charts. Readability can be further enhanced by adding markers or customizable symbols.

Xamarin.Forms line chart shows the data marker

Data point markers

Mark the data points with built-in available shapes.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the data labels and connector line in pie chart

Labels and connector lines

Connect a data point and its label with a Bezier curve or a straight line.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows data labels customization in bar chart

Labels customization

Customize the data labels using data templates.


Legends provide additional information helpful in identifying individual data or series in a Xamarin.Forms chart.

Xamarin.Forms pie chart shows the legend customization with data tempalte


Apply a data template to a legend item. This helps show more information about a series or data point in a legend.

The Xamarin.Forms line chart shows the legend positioning support


Position the legend anywhere in the chart area to best fit the page.

The Xamarin.Forms step line chart shows the customization of legend icons

Icon customization

Customize a legend icon with built-in available shapes such as rectangles, circles, diamonds, pentagons, triangles, crosses, and straight lines to improve the readability of the Xamarin.Forms charts.

The Xamarin.Forms stacked column chart shows the wrapped legend items support

Wrap the legend items

Display the legend items in multiple rows when several series are loaded in a single Xamarin.Forms chart.


Annotations display metadata about a Xamarin.Forms chart or series at a specific point of interest in the plotting area. Multiple annotations can be added to a single Xamarin.Forms chart.

The Xamarin.Forms bar chart shows the view annotation

View annotation

Annotate Xamarin.Forms charts with any custom view to provide additional details about a data point. This is generally used for displaying images over a data point.

The Xamarin.Forms chart shows the shape annotation

Shape annotation

In addition to the view annotation, all the basic annotation elements like lines, rectangles, ellipses, text, and arrows are available.


Apply gradient colors to visualize data in different colors, improving the readability and appearance of the Xamarin.Forms charts.

Shows the gradient support in Xamarin.Forms charts

Empty points

Elegantly handle the empty point values in Xamarin.Forms charts.

Shows empty point support in Xamarin.Forms charts

Range highlighter

Highlight the specific regions in the Xamarin.Forms chart area using strip lines. Also, add text to describe the highlighted area.

Shows striplines support in Xamarin.Forms charts

Technical indicators

The Xamarin.Forms Chart control features built-in support for RSI, momentum, Bollinger bands, accumulation distribution, EMA, SMA, stochastic, ATR, MACD, and TMA indicators.

Xamarin.Forms financial technical indicator


The autoscrolling feature allows focusing on a minimal set of data points by visualizing only a few items in the UI and viewing the remaining data points by scrolling. Configure this feature in real-time updates to view recently added data points.

Shows the auto scrolling support in Xamarin.Forms charts

Vertical charts

Rotate all the series types to plot data in a vertical direction and view the data from a different perspective.

Xamarin.Forms vertical charts


Export the Xamarin.Forms charts as an image to a picture gallery or convert the charts to a memory stream.

Export the chart as an image to the gallery or convert the chart to memory stream


Localize all the static text within the Xamarin.Forms charts to any desired language.

Localize all the static text within the chart to any desired language


  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.iOS
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