Syncfusion blazor Sidebar component

Almost every application needs a navigation system like the Sidebar control to organize multilevel menus and move through the application more easily. With the Sidebar control, you can also show and hide options based on user interactions.

Different Transitions

The Blazor Sidebar's various slide-out transitions allow users to view or hide content over or above the main content by pushing, sliding, or overlaying it.

Sidebar Positions

The Sidebar control's content is positioned to the left or right of the main content area. You can simultaneously display primary and secondary content in sidebars on both sides of a page.

Toggle Sidebar menu

You can easily bind any custom action to any element (hamburger menu or buttons) to toggle the Blazor Sidebar control. With this toggle support, you can open and close the control.


The Sidebar control often behaves differently on mobile and desktop displays. It has an effective feature that allows you to set it in an open or closed state based on the resolution you specify.

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