The Xamarin DataGrid control can flawlessly render millions of data points. This allows you to display a collection of data in rows and columns with built-in column types for custom content.

High performance

Responsive DataGrid

The Xamarin DataGrid control’s layout is responsive and can be viewed on a variety of devices. It has built-in options for optimizing grids and offers smooth and responsive touch scrolling in all directions.

Seamless editing experience

The Xamarin DataGrid control provides a seamless editing experience for editing cell values with intuitive editors. It also supports non-editable columns. Any control can be embedded in a template column cell.


The Xamarin.Forms load-on-demand feature improves the performance of the DataGrid control for efficient data processing. With virtualization support, you can load millions of data points in seconds.

Pull to refresh

The Xamarin.Forms DataGrid control allows you to refresh the data source at runtime. For a better user experience, you can customize the pull-to-refresh view with sliding and pushing transition modes.

Build modern Xamarin apps

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