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· What is .NET MAUI? · Who Could Utilize the MAUI   Framework? · Why should you use .NET MAUI? · IDEs for  MAUI Application   Development

What is .NET MAUI?

.NET Multi-platform App UI (. NET MAUI) is a framework for creating cutting-edge, cross-platform, natively developed iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows apps using C# and XAML from a single codebase.

Who Could Utilize the MAUI Framework?

• Developers who want to create  cross-platform programs from a single code base and UIs in C# and XAML languages. • Sharing common UI layouts and designs across platforms will speed up design implementation. • The same business logic, code, and testing should be used across all platforms.

Why should you use .NET MAUI?

• A single project across various platforms. • Full support for hot reloads. • Supports MVU and Blazor patterns. • Slim renderers. • For all drawing needs, NET MAUI has direct Graphics APIs. • Access to a device's sensors, including  its gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass. • Resources like fonts, graphics, splash screens, CSS, and raw materials can all be managed in one location.

IDEs for MAUI Application Development

• Visual Studio • Visual Studio Code We can create native MAUI applications for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows using these two IDEs. If all we need is to code, then picking Visual Studio Code is a great decision.

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