Dive into the world of the Blazor File Upload with a spotlight on these five standout features.

· Upload large files  · Resumable upload  · Multiple file upload  · Drag and drop  · Right-to-left rendering · Themes

Upload large files

Using chunk upload, you can efficiently manage large file uploads without any performance degradation. The files are divided into small chunks and uploaded to the server in a sequential order asynchronously.

Resumable upload

Users can safely upload high-resolution images, videos, and other large files with built-in functionality to pause, resume, retry, and cancel a file upload.

Multiple file upload

You can simultaneously upload multiple files to a server, which can be particularly advantageous when sharing files or adding images to a gallery.

Drag and drop

You can easily upload multiple files by dragging them from the file explorer to the Blazor File Upload component's drop area. This is a user-friendly way of selecting and uploading multiple files.

Right-to-left rendering

Right-to-left rendering is supported by the Blazor File Upload component, enhancing the user experience and accessibility for those who use RTL languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, or Persian.


Customize built-in themes to get the look and feel you desire, either by changing SASS variables or using the Theme Studio application.

Syncfusion Blazor File Upload

The Blazor File Upload component enables users to upload images, documents, audio, and video to a server. It is compatible with both WebAssembly and server-side Blazor applications and offers a wide range of features.