Any geometric shape in SVG can be rendered using GeoJSON data. It's light and simple to read. Bind desired colors from the data source to the map shapes.

GeoJSON data

React Maps works with map providers like Google maps, Bing maps, and OpenStreetMap. These map provides are used to display satellite, aerial, and street maps, as well as imagery tiles, without the use of any external shape inputs.

Easy Render from Map providers

The React Maps component supports the following projections: Mercator, rectangular, Miller, Eckert3, Eckert5, Eckert6, and Winkel3 projections.

Projection types

Legends contain explanations of symbols and colors used in maps. The legend's toggle option allows you to turn an assigned color on or off in the corresponding Maps shape item.

Toggle legend

Zooming and panning in React Maps is fast. Zoom the map by scrolling the mouse wheel, clicking the shapes, or using the zooming toolbar. Pan the map to navigate between regions easily.

Zooming and panning

Build modern  React apps

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