Grid-structured layout

The Dashboard Layout is a grid-based component designed for dividing content into equal-sized cells.

Easy interaction

The panels let you resize, rearrange, drag and drop, remove, and add UI components. This allows components to be conveniently positioned within the grid layout as desired.

Insert any UI component

You can place data grids, charts, gauges, maps, or any HTML content as panel content within the layout to present metrics.

Auto-arranging panel

With floating support, the panels within the layout will dynamically self-arrange by sliding upward to fill any available gaps. This optimizes the layout for panel positioning, ensuring efficient use of space.

Adapts to any resolution

The component is highly responsive and features an optimized design suitable for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It performs effectively on all mobile devices running iOS, Android, or Windows OS.

Attractive, customizable themes

The Dashboard Layout features a cutting-edge design, offering a variety of prebuilt themes, including Fluent, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Material, and Fabric. You can easily customize these themes using our online Theme Studio tool.

Syncfusion React Dashboard Layout 

The React Dashboard Layout is a versatile, grid-based layout component designed for crafting both static and dynamic dashboard layouts featuring panels.