Web API: What is it?

A ASP.NET Web API is a framework for creating HTTP services that can be used by a variety of clients, including browsers, mobile devices, and tablets.

Why do we use Web APIs?

• A web-based application alone cannot reach its customers in the modern world. People regularly utilize technology like mobile phones and tablets. • Web APIs let us create web apps that adapt easily to a variety of devices.

Web API features

• Support OData, CRUD operations based on convention, and self hosting or IIS hosting. • Have responses that include an HTTP status code and an Accept header. • Support a variety of text formats, including XML and JSON, and ASP.NET MVC features.

Why choose Web API?

• ASP.NET Web APIs are the best option if you require a web service but don't need SOAP. • Web APIs makes it simple to create services. • Open source.

Examples of popular APIs

• Google Maps API • YouTube API • Flickr API • Twitter API

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