Automatic Batching

React's batching feature allows you to group state updates using built-in hooks and event handlers. This will help prevent components from rerendering for unnecessary state changes.


Transitions distinguish between urgent and non-urgent updates. Urgent updates are those that reflect direct interaction, like typing and clicking. Non-urgent transition updates move the UI from one view to another and can be slower.

Suspense on the Server

The Suspense feature allows developers to pause the rendering of a component until a given condition is met. It previously only supported dynamic importing and lazy loading.

New Hooks

The new hooks encourage developers to build the entire app with React functional components and allow them to run simpler scripts that perform similar functions more quickly and effectively.

Client and Server Rendering APIs

React 18 has redesigned the APIs to render on both the client and server sides. ReactDOMClient—Initializes an app on the client. ReactDOMServer—Allows you to render components to static markup.

Strict Mode Behaviors

Strict mode will simulate mounting and unmounting the component, restoring a previous state. It runs in development mode and displays error messages or code suggestions to assist developers in improving their code.

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