Use Fewer Expensive Operations

Apply the necessary operations only. Because build() and saveLayer() are more expensive operations than others, they use more resources.

Avoid Opacity Widget

The Opacity widget should not be used, especially in animation. Instead, use FadeInImage or AnimatedOpacity.

Use const Keyword

Use the const keyword to enhance the performance of your app.

Use Streams Only When Necessary

Despite the fact that streams are quite strong, if we use them, we have a tremendous duty to use this resource wisely.

Avoid Functional Widgets

When we need to segregate UI logic from a widget, we should utilize functions that return widgets rather than building distinct widgets.

Build Modern Flutter Widgets

Syncfusion Flutter widgets are written in native Dart, allowing you to create sophisticated, high-quality apps for iOS, Android, web, Windows, macOS, and Linux with a single code base.