Styles and performance

Unlike other Blazor component vendors, Syncfusion improves initial loading performance with its Custom Resource Generator. The CRG generates custom script and CSS files for only the components you need.

Weekly NuGet updates

Syncfusion offers unique NuGet packages for every component in addition to weekly NuGet releases to speed up the development process.

File-format libraries

Syncfusion offers four libraries for popular file formats: the PDF, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Frameworks.

Free, unlimited support

Leverage direct assistance from our Blazor development team, coupled with live chat support, at no extra cost.

Free Community License

Get unrestricted access to the complete Essential Studio, with over 1,800 controls and frameworks, if you qualify for our Community License.

Syncfusion Blazor Components

The Syncfusion Blazor component library offers 80+ UI and data visualization controls like DataGrid, Charts, and Scheduler that are responsive and lightweight for building modern web apps.