Explore the Angular File Manager control’s five standout features.

· Connect with cloud storage services  · Built-in file operations  · Integration with other   components · Easy interaction · Easy customization · Adapts to any resolution

Connect with cloud storage services

Connect and manage data stored in different storage services, such as local, cloud, and database, with ease.

Built-in file operations

Use a variety of built-in file operations: copy, move, rename, delete, drag and drop, image preview, and more. You can use the toolbar, navigation pane, and content pane to access and manage your files and folders.

Integration with other components

To open and view PDF, Excel, and Word files, File Manager can integrate with Syncfusion’s PDF Viewer, Word Processor, and Spreadsheet components.

Easy interaction

Users can interact with a user-friendly interface that features a toolbar, tree view, breadcrumb, and menu.

Easy customization

The layout can be easily modified with customization options, and the initial views can be changed.

Adapts to any resolution

The File Manager has been designed to be flexible and adjustable, providing an interface that is suitable for use on a variety of devices, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Syncfusion Angular File Manager

The Angular File Manager is a graphical user interface component that enables users to access, edit, and navigate their file system with ease, performing common file system functions.