The virtualization feature loads only viewable list items in a viewport, which improves the performance when loading large amounts of data. Data is loaded as the user scrolls through the pages.


Single or multiple items can be selected in the ListView component. Users can disable selection by handling events.

Customizing Templates

Users can use templates to customize list item, header, and group title.  Content can be arranged in different formats like image view, multiline text view, and mixed mode.

Nested list

Blazor ListView component is a list within a list that represents a nested data object structure. The initial screen displays first-level list items and the next level will be displayed when interacting with it.

Data Binding

ListView provides the option to load data from local or remote data services. It supports data services such as OData, OData V4, and Web API, as well as data formats such as XML, JSON, JSONP, CSV, and HTML tables.

Build modern  Blazor apps?

Syncfusion Blazor components offer 80+ UI and data visualization web controls like DataGrid, Charts, Scheduler that are responsive and lightweight for building modern web apps.