Top 5 Advantages of Using Vue Tooltip

· Dynamic content through AJAX  · Templated tooltip  · Position and mouse trails   · Display behavior  · Scroll mode

Dynamic content through AJAX

Load content dynamically to the Vue Tooltip on demand using the AJAX callback.

Templated tooltip

The Vue Tooltip allows users to add a title to the content and it can be loaded with HTML elements, images, hyperlinks, iframes, videos, maps, etc.

Position and mouse trails

The Vue Tooltip can be configured to follow the mouse or not. It can be projected in 12 different positions.

Display behavior

Control whether the Vue Tooltip opens in hover, click, double-click, focus, or custom mode.

Scroll mode

This functionality can be used to show an HTML scroll bar in scroll mode when the tooltip's size exceeds the container space.

Syncfusion Vue Tooltip

Syncfusion’s Vue Tooltip is a pop-up that shows information or a message when users hover over, click, or focus on images and buttons.

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