Quick navigation

Calendar displays month, year, decade, and century views. It supports programmatic navigation and makes it simple for users to switch among all of the built-in views. 

Date restriction

Black out specific dates, like holidays or special events, to prevent users from choosing them. Set maximum and minimum dates to keep selection between them. 

Week view 

Display just one or more weeks in the month view, saving screen space. Achieve a modern mobile UI and display the events associated with selected dates in agenda view. 

Appearance customization

The Calendar control style can be customized in the following aspects to fit the UI: · Weekends and weekday · Header and view headers · Current day · Month cells and year cells · Inline view

Change the first day of week

Change the first day of the week to match the culture of the application. This change will be reflected in the month and year views, too. 

Syncfusion Xamarin Calendar

The Xamarin Calendar is a feature-rich control, offering effortless selection of single or multiple dates. It supports seamless navigation among month, year, decade, and century views.